9/11 commenter Jeffrey Grupp talks with Strange World

Grupp is interesting philosopher Jeffrey Grupp who has come and gone from the 9/11 scene. Some interesting discussion on the control mechanism for higher education and how any non-conformists are squashed.

I don’t endorse any flat earth theories, but I do enjoy the discussion on questioning and the control structure.

Flat Earth clash

Eric makes the case that Mark is purposely misleading flat earth researchers, ie. disinfo. If nothing else, Mark has certainly brought an otherwise low profile conspiracy directly into the light.

I’d still like Eric to come on my broadcast. I am not siding with Mark just because I had him on my broadcast before anyone else on this topic.

I have just purchased Eric’s book, The Flat-Earth Conspiracy (the kindle version is only $9). For all the work Eric does promoting his web site and battling his shills, he acts modestly and hardly mentions his book (so I will).

Your mother, Earth – Plane or Planet?

The difference is one letter. Both words derive from the Latin planus, flat or level. Both words describe completely different models of the earth and solar system. Which model do you prefer?

Eric Dubay has a long internet history, and seems to be at odds with the latest Flat Earth Youtube sensation, Mark Sargent. Watch this interesting video with a good interview and Eric’s imagery. The Flat Earth discussion/psyop/hoax is just beginning to heat up, with lines in the sand being drawn it appears. May the best idea win!

Flat Earth Clue 10

Mark sent me this funny note:

Seems that the authority has a sense of humor.

Clue 10 gets delayed by youtube last night, finally goes up at 2AM or so. By noon today I’ve got 750 hits. Then it vanishes from the search engine. I know this because the only Clue 10 is your mirror. It’s still in my editor, but if you search for Flat earth clues, mine is missing.

So the joke is, and you’ll get the gag, is what Clue 10 was about, HIDING things.

Seems the programmer that is assigned to me thinks he’s clever.

Thanks for the mirror though!

While I think any strangulating monopoly like Google can be evil,  I’m not sure every search or hit count anomoly is deliberate or planned.

I do think the less you rely on these highly centralized services the better. It’s too bad so many people have become dependant on them, and consider Facebook and YouTube the Internet. There is so much more, most of which you can call your own.

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 10 Hiding GOD: https://youtu.be/pOrg7Mk4EHc

Viral Flat Earth Vid

Four million views in a month qualifies as viral to me, with 14,000 comments. Well put together and full of ad-hominems, tin foil hats and space references, I didn’t exactly like his message but found some interesting nuggets.

Post your favorite flat earth links below. I am not convinced any way at all on what we’re living on, but it seems more and more are talking about it. If this “controlled” VSauce producer is any indication, then the PRC seems worried enough to start steering the wandering herd back to their global message.

Rotating earth, complete with satellites and other “facts” we question.