9/11 commenter Jeffrey Grupp talks with Strange World

Grupp is interesting philosopher Jeffrey Grupp who has come and gone from the 9/11 scene. Some interesting discussion on the control mechanism for higher education and how any non-conformists are squashed.

I don’t endorse any flat earth theories, but I do enjoy the discussion on questioning and the control structure.

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8 years ago

your old friend banazir is registered on dubay’s ifers board. he’s still thinking of you ab…


i pm’d him and asked if he was the dusty banazir from fakeologist. his reply was “well, used to be yeah. you like the fakeologist site?”.

my response was “of course i like the site. you should check in occasionally, i’m sure ab would like to hear from you and dusty; or are y’all feelings still hurt?”.

no sign of dusty though… he’s probably too busy watching a movie.