Dueling earth’s shape podcasts

Some great voices in this podcast – with an added bonus of 9/11 talk towards the end.

To remain fair and balanced, John Le Bon’s nemesis, Jeff C, hosted a WDIL podcast about a month ago countering the ball earth skeptic discussion.

I didn’t hear any convincing arguments in the following podcast to persuade me of the ball earth theory. I agree that getting my own telescope or going to a star party to try others’ equipment would be a step towards verifying “satellites” or even the fictional ISS.



NASA official says there is no video of the earth in space rotating on its axis

We need other fakeologists to get the contact info and start making calls asking questions. Chris Kendall perhaps?

On a recent ball earth skeptics roundtable it was brought up that the only ball earth picture taken from space was conveniently an afterthought snapped on the last Apollo mission.

This photo is recycled endlessly today, and is the only photo NASA says exists. Faking a video today simulating that it was from the same Apollo mission would require some silly story like “an old janitor at JPL/NASA died and his grandkids found an old 8mm film that he must have ripped off when cleaning out his basement”. Film at 11.

Sophia’s ball skeptics roundtable

Sophia wouldn’t talk to me on 9/11, but is questioning the ball earth in her own unique way. .  Some sound new voices here.

It appears that many are secretly looking into the possibility that we might not actually be on a blue globe doing a yearly orbit in a solar system in the universe. Even speculating that “the earth is flat” is enough to get you labeled absolutely loony, but believe it or not, 2015 is showing itself to be the year of this inquiry! I gather three friends here, two of whom are 99% and 100% convinced that the Globe Theory of the Earth is Wrong, to exchange information and explain what can and cannot be. We all have eyes and we have all lived here for a while now, so why don’t you listen and go to some of the links to decide for yourself — or at least so you can say you’ve taken a gander at this ridiculous theory!


Discredit by association

Simon speaks to me (directly or figuratively) in his latest essay on the Flat Earth surge on youtube and other places.

KHam 41 recently laid out the whole reason I respect Simon, Hoi, and cluesforum.info – the concise, clear, and definitive September Clues Tour Guide, which to me is the final answer on 9/11.

I have the personality to fall into all rabbit holes, it seems. I DO have the ability to climb out of most of them. Is Simon telling me I’ve fallen into a giant, NASA Flat Earth rabbit (moon) crater? If so, I’ll be happy to climb out.

The main thing I have learned in this fakeologist journey is that the this is a battle for the human mind. A real science is involved in influencing and leading human beings at all times. Just knowing this fact is 50% of the battle, the other 50% is trying to escape its clutches.

I think it is high time for us to react / address and call out the current, escalating yet all-too-transparent “DBA-strategy” (Discredit By Association) adopted by NASA’s propaganda dept – clearly designed for damage control: NASA has by now been roundly exposed as a total fraud – and, of course, they weren’t going to just sit back and let a growing number of honest / legitimate grass-root researchers “lead” the fledgling ‘NASA truth movement’ (for lack of a better term – *sigh*) and tranquilly diffuse their findings to the general public – in any sort of snowballing / or unimpeded fashion.What NASA has rolled out is a carefully planned and coordinated, ‘viral’ DBA / co-opting campaign centered on the ‘Flat Earth’ meme and – I will hastily add – (with respect to those who may honestly entertain alternative cosmic models of their own) this fact should be clear as day to anyone, regardless of whether you reckon we live on a globe, a cube, a pancake or a Wiener würstel. The point being, it is by now painfully obvious that the objective of this NASA-campaign is to associate & equate (in the general public’s psyche) anyone questioning NASA to mentally challenged / raving crackpots:

Source: View topic – NASA’S FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY • Cluesforum.info

Eric Dubay talks to John le Bon

Two well spoken skeptics meet.

At 1:15:00 Eric does a brilliant job explaining the misunderstanding and misrepresentation of religion.

At around 1:30:00 Eric addresses him poisoning the well with Holohoax information.

Join Matrix Decode, David Weiss and host John le Bon for another installment of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable. Our guest for tonight is Eric Dubay, author of The Flat-Earth Conspiracy and president of the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS). Audio Only Here Your browser does not support the audio element.