Learning young: Croatian girl

Say what you will about Patricia, but she often gets some interesting guests. Here’s the youngest I’ve heard in my last few years listening to audios. If she’s real and she’s indicative of even a few young millennials, we’re in good shape. As usual, flat earth has very little to do with the conversation.

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The Art Bell files

It appears there is more to the story (as usual) to Art Bell retiring for the millionth time. Art Bell only became relevant again for not hosting the latest flat earth “debate” with Mark Sargent.

For the last several weeks 70-year-old radio legend Art Bell has been shot at, twice, by some crazy person who’s bound and determined to force Bell to stop doing his show. The last incident was just a few days ago; Bell was on his way to his studio when shots rang out. Bell was forced to lie in the dirt on his belly until the police showed up.

Source: Art Bell No Longer Broadcasting; Retires Under Duress – Dread Central

More Flat Adam

Cluesham will be happy with Dvorák at 2:23:00 scoffing at Adam’s flat earth investigation.  He specifically questions the curve formula that is the easiest for us simpleton observers to see that the curve model doesn’t match what we observe.

<a href="http://www.noagendroid.com
* Duration: 2:51h, Played: 2:31h
* Published: 2015-12-20 3:51:41 PM
* Episode Download Link (118 MB): http://mp3s.nashownotes.com/NA-783-2015-12-20-Final.mp3