Jeff C. on Cass Sunstein and Cognitive Infiltration

Jeff C. is back attacking Jon Le Bon and his critics. Some nuggets on Cass and other deception and disruption techniques.

Jeff is dead wrong about Taiwan, Russianvids, John Le Bon, and many other things, but his big numbers must mean he’s at least entertaining.

John,  what of Gustav?

Dave Weiss shills, Bob spills

Dave Weiss shills (in the true sense of the word) for Joody Wood (“I’m down to my last book!”). Bob takes whatever interest he has in and flushes it down the directed energy scalar weapon port hole. Jeran mumbles agreement with their beliefs in the Wood non-theory. Overall, a sad indictment of their research by smearing it with 9/11 nonsense. Start at 1:34:00