Is Flat Earth a Government Psyop?

Is Flat Earth a Government Psyop? šŸ—“ļø 2024-03-03 ā€¢ šŸ•‘ 04:45 ā€¢ šŸ“ 29 MB Podcast: @EricDubay on Odysee Author: @EricDubay Web player: Episode: One claim I hear constantly made but rarely backed by any evidence is that the recent resurgence of the modern Flat Earth movement was actually a planned government psychological operation… Get Connected with and Help Support Eric: Website: Books: Patreon: Blog: Forum: Facebook: Instagram: X: Gettr: SoundCloud: Mewe: Minds: Gab: Goodreads: YouTube: Odysee: BitChute: Real Truthseekers: Rokfin: Rumble: Dollar Vigilante: Audible: Telegram: Email:

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