Purr-sian truth

A lovely voice from one of the world’s most advanced (and demonized people) – the Persians. I understand they don’t like to be called Iranians (given to them by the Anglo American empire – who else?).

h/t Patricia Steere of FEOHP

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Confusing Space art

Is it any wonder you can’t get very far in understanding the nature of the ground we’re standing on? The media specializes in confusion (since it lost its monopoly on convincing), and this story from the MI6 propaganda rag Telegraph is no exception.

This story purports that another entity other than NASA is into space art (NASA contractors for the official space art?). Reading the story really just results in more confusion, while confirming the globe myth. In fact, it appears the soul purpose of NASA is propagate the globe myth first, removing speculation of anyone who dares think about the moon and the stars. Their secondary mission is to propagate silly stories about other “planets” and galaxies and universes.

A lie spreads around Twitter faster than the truth can get its boots on, and the solar eclipse was no exception when this apparently stunning picture showing the eclipse from space emerged.

The image appeared to capture the incredible moment of totality where the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun blocking out all light to the Earth below.

via Solar eclipse: amazing picture from International Space Station was photoshopped – Telegraph.