Anarchaster Jeff and Eric Dubay

Found Jeff over at Jeranism’s latest google hangout. He has an interesting podcast, and he’s a Canadian currently living in Mexico.

Jeff interviews prominent expert on flat earth theory, Eric Dubay, topics include: flat earth theory, mass resistance to paradigm challenging ideas, an educated mind can entertain an idea without accepting it, people just accept what they are brought up with, the horizon proof, gravity does not exist, absolute relativity, circumnavigation, NASA a computer graphics factory, the flat earth society was taken over and now promotes fallacies, freemasons hide knowledge, freemasons run Hollywood, the d

DBA Strategy Update

An update from Simon on the DBA/flat earth/NASA topic.

The main reason I post FE material is for the wealth of NASA bashing found in them. I cannot endorse every word spoken in everything I post here, that’s impossible and ridiculous. I am open to questioning the nature of the earth since its very well promoted features are mainly promoted by space fakery central, NASA. It is only from space that we can see an image of the earth, and in particular this mysterious land mass called Antarctica.

I also have posted in the past many audios from Fetzer, who of course just breezes by However many of his guests have spoken well on deception and fakery, so I don’t hesitate to include them and point out what parts I enjoy.

I still find it hard to believe that this micro community can attract a fully blown psyop like flat earth DBA. I can still believe it, though, and only time will tell how this shakes out.

Luckily, I have half a lifetime left to figure things out. If that isn’t enough time, I’ll pass on my skepticism to those around me that want to keep looking. Otherwise, I don’t self impose any deadlines and continue to offer up the research for debate.


Thanks, Painterman – your comment comes as a breath of fresh air to me in these ‘trying’, flatulent times…Sadly, if we had to coldly / lucidly assess NASA’s Flat Earth Psyop, we must admit it has been, so far, a roaring success – what with swarms of ‘free-thinkers-cum-truthseelkers’ falling for it like flies in a DDT chamber. If, as you say, it manages to entrench itself and somehow ‘fulfill’ its obvious DBA / dumbing-down agenda, we the self-declared exposers of media fakery will share the blame. For now, I have personally done the little I can to raise awareness of it – in what, alas, has felt like a near-solitary effort, what with the poor cohesion among seemingly like-minded intellects within the media fakery micro-community.