Simon sees a curve

Took a few years, but Simon finally weighs in.

Lately, I’ve been discussing with a pen pal the issue of Earth’s curvature which, of course, is one of the Flat Earther’s favorite topics which they endlessly submit as ‘proof’ of the world’s flatness. Let me first make it clear that I do actually share ONE thing with the (earnest) Flat Earthers: that is, their quite reasonable request that whatever is claimed by astronomers should be EMPIRICALLY OBSERVABLE (that is, only under optical conditions that allow them to be observed).

Mercurial retrograde

Never once did I hear about Mercury retrograde in the msm. I am sure 99% on this earth haven’t either.

Imagine my surprise when I read this story.

Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards (or retrograde) when viewed from the Earth. This is an optical illusion due to differences in orbit, Time notes. But for those who believe in astrology, Mercury retrograde holds great significance.

The article pays lip service to the concept, instead dwelling on the fiction that is emotions and behaviours.

Only Simon Shack’s model has addressed this. Now’s a good time to check it out.

How insignificant you and your earth are

Eric Dubay often mentions why the church and recently NASA wants you to believe you live on a tiny, spinning ball. I think Jeran of also mentioned this as well.

I found this link on cluesforum – I’m not sure if the author is being sarcastic or not that the Japanese wouldn’t lie about their latest fake space photo.

This passage ended the article, which confirms Eric’s thesis.

Given the low probability that the Hayabusa spacecraft is at the perfect angle to most accurately represent the distance, the distance is likely greater than what appears in the photo. Nonetheless, this is an incredible image to depict the emptiness of space, the great distances between bodies, and how insignificant our Earth is in the dark abyss.

Source: Humbling Photo Of Earth & Moon Captured By Unmanned Japanese Spacecraft – Forbes

Dave Weiss shills, Bob spills

Dave Weiss shills (in the true sense of the word) for Joody Wood (“I’m down to my last book!”). Bob takes whatever interest he has in and flushes it down the directed energy scalar weapon port hole. Jeran mumbles agreement with their beliefs in the Wood non-theory. Overall, a sad indictment of their research by smearing it with 9/11 nonsense. Start at 1:34:00

Keeping up with the Jeran gang

Jeran is a good speaker, and seems sincere to me in his quest to bust NASA. You don’t have to buy into the flat earth theory to listen to this very prolific group. Critics of my posting on this topic seem to be convinced this is one giant DBA cointelpro operation. If so, Jeran sure has me fooled, as I detect sincerity rather than deception.

Instead of attacking them for their Judy Wood promotion, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and ask why cluesforum and media fakery haven’t played a bigger role in their 9/11 deception comprehension.

I’ll remind readers here that I fell into the Judy Wood trap first, before finding the research of cluesforum. Judy Wood and her book have been promoted by the alternate community for a long time, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable for many casual 9/11 researchers to be stuck with her.

I enjoy Jeran and his views…he is definitely well spoken. Patricia, every time cluesforum and September Clues gets mentioned on your shows, the topic gets blown over or ignored. You also seem to plug Judy Wood and her book every chance 9/11 comes up.. I am glad Jeran responded that Judy Wood and her magical weapon wasn’t necessary for the 9/11 deception to be successful. I hope you study media fakery and cluesforum, as it’s essential in understanding every media event – including JFK.

DBA Strategy Update

An update from Simon on the DBA/flat earth/NASA topic.

The main reason I post FE material is for the wealth of NASA bashing found in them. I cannot endorse every word spoken in everything I post here, that’s impossible and ridiculous. I am open to questioning the nature of the earth since its very well promoted features are mainly promoted by space fakery central, NASA. It is only from space that we can see an image of the earth, and in particular this mysterious land mass called Antarctica.

I also have posted in the past many audios from Fetzer, who of course just breezes by However many of his guests have spoken well on deception and fakery, so I don’t hesitate to include them and point out what parts I enjoy.

I still find it hard to believe that this micro community can attract a fully blown psyop like flat earth DBA. I can still believe it, though, and only time will tell how this shakes out.

Luckily, I have half a lifetime left to figure things out. If that isn’t enough time, I’ll pass on my skepticism to those around me that want to keep looking. Otherwise, I don’t self impose any deadlines and continue to offer up the research for debate.


Thanks, Painterman – your comment comes as a breath of fresh air to me in these ‘trying’, flatulent times…Sadly, if we had to coldly / lucidly assess NASA’s Flat Earth Psyop, we must admit it has been, so far, a roaring success – what with swarms of ‘free-thinkers-cum-truthseelkers’ falling for it like flies in a DDT chamber. If, as you say, it manages to entrench itself and somehow ‘fulfill’ its obvious DBA / dumbing-down agenda, we the self-declared exposers of media fakery will share the blame. For now, I have personally done the little I can to raise awareness of it – in what, alas, has felt like a near-solitary effort, what with the poor cohesion among seemingly like-minded intellects within the media fakery micro-community.


Potato Steereing us into the Woods

I don’t mind saying that it’s starting to look like Simon is right with his discredit by association theory.

Here we have sultry smooth talker interviewing an otherwise intelligent engineer, while referencing Simon Shack and the forum, describing them as a limited hang out. Intelligent engineer then goes on to say how impressed he is with Judy Wood’s assessment of how the World Trade Center was taken down with not a word of discussion on media fakery.

Now we have Matrix Decoded, Brian the engineer, and David Weiss all firmly in the Judy Woods camp while promoting the flat earth.

Is this all a program to marginalize and help bury media fakery and September Clues? If so, it’s quite the subtle yet expanding operation.

Anti NASA hoax Globe Busters 7

The best anti NASA podcast on the internet is this one. Perhaps they should rename it since they talk more about NASA fakery than the flat earth, although both are linked together.

Even though he is misled or misleading on the English pedo case, I still enjoy the panel insight into the ball earth skepticism.

At 50:00,lots of discussion about the fake shuttle and Simon’s dba and Jeranism.

Hoi Polloi speaks of cosmic models

Hoi recorded his own audiochat (available in teamspeak) to get a non-clipped version.

The audio is a reading and discussion of this post.

After I last visited Simon, he found a document on his computer desktop that he must have meant to investigate, while researching Earth models. and it was called proofs.doc. Simon asked me if I left it there for him, and I truthfully answered that I did not, and I don’t know where it came from. I still don’t. However, it did look familiar to me, and it was written in an old style, as if copied from an old text or manuscript. Its title was:

A hundred proofs the Earth is not a Globe