BES-12 Season Finale

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Join Matrix Decode, David Weiss and host John le Bon for another installment of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable. This is the Season One grand finale with previous guests invited to join us for a jovial reunion. Most have indicated that they plan to take up the invitation so it promises to be an entertaining show.

Source: a view from the bog : Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable Ep 12 Season Finale Aug 26 2015

Eric Dubay on why Mark Sargent isn’t helping him

Sorry if you’re bored with my ball earth skepticism research. Eric Dubay talks the most sensibly to me, and at 1:05 he describes why Mark Sargent is doing more harm than good.

As for me, I’m nowhere near figuring this one out. Here’s Eric’s recent book of 200 proofs. Feel free to go through and debunk them here, I’ll watch and learn.

BES #11-Ballers try their best

John le Bon gives a couple of Ballers a chance, and they don’t do much to convince.

Their numbers seem to add up (to them) and their shadow measurements of right angled triangles make sense to me when they explain lines of latitude. I heard repeated that the only way these numbers work is if the Earth is a ball.

Maths aside, why can we get a verifiable picture of this ball from way up? Explain the nonsense around Antarctica. Cosines and tangents don’t explain those anomalies.

Join Matrix Decode, David Weiss and host John le Bon for another installment of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable. This is a special episode featuring three ball earthers who will be given a fair chance to argue for and defend their ball earth beliefs. Joining us first will be Critical Unity. Later in the show we will be joined by Reds Rhetoric (plus one).

Source: a view from the bog


Art Bell – Ball Earth Debate w/Morgile

Art Bell, one of the original conspiracy talk show hosts, is back online (strange story behind his leaving the airwaves).

If the torrent count is any indication, the latest ball earth skeptic “debate” with The Morgile and Jonathan E. Grindlay, Robert Treat Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy was a popular show.

I just started listening, and so far am unimpressed with the “doctor”. Same old lame arguments for the globe, with a large dose of condescension.

Art is selling his archives, so I won’t post it here, instead providing you with a link to obtaining it.

Morgile Discussion on the show

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