What about the atmosphere?

Salt guy Frank asks about the nature of the atmosphere … is there really a vacuum on top, and if so, why doesn’t it suck all the air off the ball we’re on?

When one is reviewing as many of the fundamental ideas that shape ones thinking with regard to the models of where we are, understanding the air which we breathe should be on the VERY top of this list.  Strangely, like others, I have only just turned my mind to this phenomenon.

Source: Atmosphere | How To Take Care Of Your Penis

Duelling Dichotomy

Great show between two arch rivals. I enjoy Jeff C.  more after listening to this (I have a soft spot for any of the very few Canadians speaking up), and of course I am big fan of the eloquent John Lebon.

I almost want to suggest a weekly show between these two; a truther Siskel and Ebert.

Watch “‘Great, Late, Old Mate Debate’ | Jeffrey vs JLB (22-Jan-2016)” on YouTube

Aftershow with a cursing JLB

Aussie TV

Chris dismisses flat

The Powers That Be, Nukes, Flat Earth, Civilization


Fair and balanced – that’s what I strive for most of the time sleepy. ┬áMy mind is by no means made up on the subject – I remain a ball earth skeptic, mainly thanks to the shenanigans known as NASA.

Lets talk. Open panel. Thanks to all those who made it out.