3 thoughts on “Flat Earth Clues”

  1. Very good presentation. What about the ISS? Just watched a couple of ISS tours, very lengthy ones. And they seem really convincing! My skepticism is shaken!

  2. Best videos on the topic at the moment, especially for newcomers.

    Also must watch Rory Coopers videos on perspective

    This discussion I believe to be at the very top of the fakeology food chain. its the master hoax and encompasses all others. With it comes the basest and most resilient shills, a great indicator of its veracity.

    Betcha you would never have thought you would be here when you started out on your 911 journey eh Ab?

  3. Love this.
    Keep going!

    Guess we all ‘feel’ there is much more going on than we are let to be known.
    This might aswell be part of it…who knows.
    Very interesting.

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