Helping or hindering flat earthery? 

John Le Bon. Who else talks more about flat earth drama whilst complaining about it?  The question you must ask yourself is is John contributing to the exposure of this flat earth media operation or is he just adding a layer of intrigue and piling on? I don’t know the answer, but this is definitely a good example of cognitive dissonance. 

Meta Fe | Ep #01: ‘As The Potato Turns’ (12-Dec-2016)

First Hampstead, now ForcaChape?

I like Jeran, but he’s either really wrong here again or he is sent to mislead.

Here’s cluesforum’s thread:

Well jeranism you have just proved 100% yourself to be a PAID SHILL … I see there technique now, looking what’s trending ie FE then set up puppet’s like you to get a good Sub count then dump there crap on us like the Hampstead kid’s bullsiht  and this FAKE CRAP …. Thanks for opening our eyes ..