Viral Flat Earth Vid

Four million views in a month qualifies as viral to me, with 14,000 comments. Well put together and full of ad-hominems, tin foil hats and space references, I didn’t exactly like his message but found some interesting nuggets.

Post your favorite flat earth links below. I am not convinced any way at all on what we’re living on, but it seems more and more are talking about it. If this “controlled” VSauce producer is any indication, then the PRC seems worried enough to start steering the wandering herd back to their global message.

Rotating earth, complete with satellites and other “facts” we question.

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Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
8 years ago

Interesting that this viral purveyor of ‘alternative mainstream science’ ( my ten year old daughter is well aware of him) has made a video about the flat Earth.

I’ve no firm-held opinion on the shape of the earth but having looked at it a bit, I keep going back to one point.
Going back thousands of years to B.C. it has been claimed that boats at sea disappearing over the horizon. bottom-up, are proof of a round earth. It’s still taught in school text books.

However we know that with a stronger lens ( a better telescope) one can look again at a ship that seems to have ‘disappeared over the horizon’ and see it completely. It appears on-the-level still.

The scientific explanation for this is ‘refraction’. It is said we are able to see around the earth, hence it appears flat.
This is wholly unconvincing to me and was a real eye-opener.

A far more cogent explanation to me is Samuel Rowbotham’s idea that when we look to the horizon our human limitations mean our eyes cannot see the point of infinity. To orient ourselves, our eyes fix a finite point and hence our perspective is lowered.

A kind of wall is put up in front of our eyes and things seem to disappear behind it.

This explanation for the phenomena of ‘ships disappearing over the horizon’ appears far more intelligent than the idea that they’re disappearing over the edge of a curved earth.

My conclusion on looking at the shape of the earth is :

I don’t know, but it looks flat.

8 years ago

I know I’m a bit late to the party but I would like to mention Eric Dubay. His work on Flat Earth is interesting, if his 911 views are a bit skewiff. He’s really got the idea of media fakery and hoaxing but just hasn’t applied it critically to 911 yet. Hope he’ll get around to it soon.

Anyway, here are a few of Eric’s links about the Flat Earth:

The Flat Earth Conspiracy (long)

NASA’s Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth (shorter)

His blog “The Atlantean Conspiracy” is also worth a look:


Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
8 years ago

Hi Lenny,

Welcome to the site.

I think the flat earth video ( the shorter one, I’m thinking of ) is well done.
I went to his site and had a look and then ended up on youtube for a couple of hours listening to a radio interview he’d done. It’s quirky. he calls satellites and nuclear bombs fake and the earth flat, but he still thinks 3000 people died on 9/11?
He seems to have a pretty keen mind and to have done plenty of research. It’s surprising to me that he hasn’t worked that one out yet .

Anyway, the flat earth video is good. I wouldn’t have called the earth flat six months ago, so maybe I should cut him some slack!

Blue Moon
Blue Moon
8 years ago

If the tree falls and there is no one around to hear it fall, does it make a sound? Well, yes, if you measure sound waves while you are there to hear a tree fall then you can assume the sound waves are there when no one is around- The point being that sense certainty is only a certainty if your senses are the sole indicator of reality- That’s what, I think, Kant was espousing with his deliberately obscure gobbledegook- Our perceptions are our own- Our perceptions cannot make a tree (we can only name it) Guess work, trial and error, flexibility, updating nomenclature and common sense through experience are what we have to work with- That’s what the concept of individuality within a common species sits upon (in my view)