Eric Dubay protesteth too much

The more Eric Dubay complains about others, the more suspect I am of his motivations. It IS hard to figure out who’s on what side – is Eric the main gatekeeper of all?

I really don’t know. He seems to have the most information – out of Roebottom’s book – but he also spews the most venom. Invoking the tar baby of research, Hitler and the Holocaust, also appears to be a deliberate move of sheepdipping (the way I define it).

The point of psyops is confusion, so when it comes to flat earth, it’s mission accomplished here. That doesn’t mean I am not a ball earth skeptic – I am very much so.

Problem is, flat earth research IS heavily gate-kept. This makes it hard to know what’s right.

Meet the People Who Believe the Earth Is Flat

Reasonably fair article on flat earth promoters.

When Malachi Henderson went skydiving a few weeks ago, he noticed that the Earth looked flat, even from the plane. He mentioned it to the pilot. “The higher you get, the flatter it looks,” the pilot replied. Henderson wasn’t surprised: The pilot’s response was evidence of something he’d been researching for years.

Source: Meet the People Who Believe the Earth Is Flat

37 Street Interviews About The Flat Earth and The Universe : Keepin’ It Flat 

Enjoyable interviews that seem quite real to me.

I enjoyed the stutterer at 1:39:33.

It seems most people believe that we went to the moon. They also believe NASA is lying, but mostly about secret weapons and aliens.

Most do not doubt the shape of the earth, and the NASA official photos of the earth.

Overall, most are quite confident about the official story of our earth, which of course is how it is for most psyOps. It’s hard not to when faced with the social pressures and massive propaganda of the status quo.

Fetzer is no flatty

Jim talks to a land surveyor who balks at the flat earth idea. 

Sadly, they think satellites and gps are real and do a piss poor job refuting the leading anti ballers, Globebusters. 

The Real Deal #213 Jessie Throws Down his Flat Earth Challenge

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