Your mother, Earth – Plane or Planet?

The difference is one letter. Both words derive from the Latin planus, flat or level. Both words describe completely different models of the earth and solar system. Which model do you prefer?

Eric Dubay has a long internet history, and seems to be at odds with the latest Flat Earth Youtube sensation, Mark Sargent. Watch this interesting video with a good interview and Eric’s imagery. The Flat Earth discussion/psyop/hoax is just beginning to heat up, with lines in the sand being drawn it appears. May the best idea win!

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7 years ago

Great interview with Eric Dubay. I’ve gone cold on Mark Sargent I must admit after hearing his recent interview you posted which started out well but went all David Icke-like at the end: “the sun and the moon are holograms”…???

Hopefully, Eric will come on for a chat and you can gently bend his ear about September Clues (apparently, he’s in the Judy Wood camp atm).

7 years ago
Reply to  ab

Cheers Ab. You’re right of course. And isn’t it great we have a place, your place, we can at least hear these controversial subjects debated in a rational manner?

Carole Thomas
Carole Thomas
7 years ago

I’m enjoying the flat earth investigation.
In this 4-part series, author Mark Knight concludes that there is “more bull than ball to the globulist theory”,

Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
7 years ago

Plane or planet?

For 43 years, between 1963 and 2006, BBC1 ( tv propaganda central – UK ) used a spinning globe indent.
I think that might well say a lot.

I share some of Blue Moon’s caution about jumping to conclusions.

On Mark Sargent’s stuff, I think Richard Benedict, Hoi, K and UNreal have all made valid points.
I’m certainly not buying that whole package.
My impression was that the Flat Earth Clues series had somehow done the trick with Ab – that
he’d had a bit of a revelation whilst watching it and realised the Earth may well be flat.
I had a similar moment watching Loose Change a few years ago. I realised 9/11 had to be an ‘inside job’.

Of course I now know that Loose Change is largely a load of old bollocks.

I would like to think Ab will come to view his crush on Mark and the Flat Earth Clues series ( really?? ...clues??? )as a passing phase on his way to further enlightenment.
Hey, what’s the harm. Mark opened Tim’s mind a little. Whatever works, on a level!, to an extent.

Eric Dubay I find much more listenable.
I’m perhaps naive enough to think he may be genuine and just needs a little introduction to Cluesforum to tweak his perspective; he declares himself in the Judy Wood camp re 9/11, so he’s certainly not ‘clean’, if you will! He does make a fair amount of sense to me, at this point, on the flat earth question.

Meanwhile, the world keeps turning…. well, you know what I mean?

Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
7 years ago
Reply to  ab

On the ”really… clues???” comment my intention was to just refer to the word again in passing and not offer it as a reason you liked the series particularly.

To me the word ‘Clues’ in the title is striking.
Off the top of my head in the history of films, I can remember, I can only name two
with the word ‘Clues’ in their titles.
September Clues
and Flat Earth Clues

That doesn’t matter , it just strikes me as possibly a deliberate attempt to 1: gain credibility with a cool name associated with something genuine. 2: discredit that research by association with it’s own effort. Just possibly.

Mark was asked about Eric Dubay last night. He was fairly vague about their relationship.
Dubay is far more specific.

”Mark Sargent recently made a few good flat Earth videos to ingratiate himself into the movement, but now he’s claiming the Moon, stars and planets are holographic projections, that seasons are caused by unknown processes underneath the Earth, that Admiral Byrd discovered “a semi-permanent barrier” in Antarctica and other non-sense. When I asked him to provide evidence for such outlandish claims (and to refute the abundant evidence to the contrary) he admits to having no evidence but continues to promote and propagate these false claims regardless.”

Dubay specifically calls Sargent out as controlled opposition.

That’s where I’m at, right now, too,
I think the Clues name is

That said, the whole discussion is proving interesting and if it hadn’t been for you getting inspired by Mark’s series then we wouldn’t be having it. All good fun.