Flat Earth Clue 10

Mark sent me this funny note:

Seems that the authority has a sense of humor.

Clue 10 gets delayed by youtube last night, finally goes up at 2AM or so. By noon today I’ve got 750 hits. Then it vanishes from the search engine. I know this because the only Clue 10 is your mirror. It’s still in my editor, but if you search for Flat earth clues, mine is missing.

So the joke is, and you’ll get the gag, is what Clue 10 was about, HIDING things.

Seems the programmer that is assigned to me thinks he’s clever.

Thanks for the mirror though!

While I think any strangulating monopoly like Google can be evil,  I’m not sure every search or hit count anomoly is deliberate or planned.

I do think the less you rely on these highly centralized services the better. It’s too bad so many people have become dependant on them, and consider Facebook and YouTube the Internet. There is so much more, most of which you can call your own.

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 10 Hiding GOD: youtu.be/pOrg7Mk4EHc

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8 years ago

After viewing all of Mark Sargent’s flat earth videos, I have found several problems with them. Below are just the top 2, but there are dozens of issues. Contact me if you want the run down.

If the viewer of his videos are aware of his techniques of deception, then the playing field is just a bit more leveled.

I am concerned that the author of this video, Mark Sargent, is misleading his viewers on purpose. Consider the following excerpt.

0:50 “But if you are still with me then you would agree that 1. The world you have been taught has been kept from you and 2. one way or another you would like to prove this out.”

There is a bit of psychological programming going on here.

Consider the phrase “…you would like to prove this out …” The problem here is that this phrase is an INSTRUCTION on how we should behave, NOT INFORMATION. You are being instructed to behave a certain way.

Perhaps, we, as seasoned fakeologists, are immune to such suggestions, but what about the novice?

The wording Mark uses is a form of psychological programming. I make videos, and I would never put in instructional phrases because I want my audience to learn and gain knowledge in order that they be empowered. I am not trying to instruct my viewers to behave in a certain way, such as going out and telling others about flat earth, which Mark instructs his viewers to do at the end of this video. This is the WORST advice for people who are trying on new theories about our universe.

Personal experience tells me this is a bad idea because it will lead us into insults and ostracizing by our peers. Mark says to go out and spread the word several times, encouraging us further to go out and proselytize, thus coming back with our tail between our legs, possibly giving up on endeavors into alternate theories about our universe.

Did Mark try to convince HIS boss to believe in flat earth theory? What was his boss’s reaction when Mark told him about the flat earth idea? Did Mark feel a little humiliated when his boss replied, “What the fuck are you talking about Mark?” I would assume anyone who gives advice to go out and spread the word about flat earth has already done so himself. And then in doing so, realizes he gave very bad advice, so then he retracts it. Has Mark retracted his advice?

I believe Mark is not authentic in his flat earth endeavors because he encourages proselytizing. I don’t buy Mark’s enthusiasm for his topic because I could not find any ‘facts’ in any of his videos. ‘Facts’ help prove your case. Not only are facts missing from Marks videos, but misleading information seem to be weaved in.

I researched several of his claims and have come to realize that many of them are either misleading or false.

For example, Mark gives you the idea that the southern hemisphere has large areas that don’t track GPS locations of planes. Here is the quote:

4:38 “The system that is in effect now has what appears to be huge deliberate gaps in the southern hemisphere only. Do not mention flat earth, just voice your concern about the safety of you and your loved ones and your fellow citizens.”

What he is not saying is that the gaps appear only in the oceans of the southern hemisphere. Is Mark Sargent being deliberately evasive? A simple explanation as to why there are GPS gaps in the southern hemisphere oceans is this:

Over wide expanses of ocean there are no radar sites and so no way to track flights.

If anything, this GPS gap is good evidence to support the non-existence of satellites. If one believes in satellites, then why can’t a satellite be floated above the big expanse of the Southern Pacific Ocean to track planes and make up for the lack of a land-based radar stations?

In the northern hemisphere, there is so much more land than ocean, that GPS can cover all ground, water and air locations with land-based radar stations only.

Flat earth might be true, I don’t know. From what I have just explained, these series of flat earth videos from Mark Sargent appear to be extremely manipulative. As an outsider looking in, I only see Mark Sargent pandering to confirmation bias to hook his viewers. Since I don’t already lean to the flat earth idea, I can’t use confirmation bias to get hooked in. I have to use facts. There are none. Only misleading statements.

Flat Earthers have a big job to do in order to prove their case. Mike Sargent did not help your cause. He was so easy to debunk I thought he might be setting up a straw man argument.

Hurlde #1. The southern hemisphere star trail


The southern hemisphere has a centra-ish southern-most star called Alpha Crucis in the constellation Southern Cross, just like the northern hemisphere has a central star called Polaris in the constellation Ursula Minor. Flat earth theory only incorporates star trails from the northern hemisphere. Southern hemisphere star trails prove flat earth theory false by supporting the globe theory and how the earth moves in space.

Hurdle #2. Magical Builders

I am afraid I must insist that Flat Earthers go into detail about WHO put the glass dome over the flat earth. When magical entities are the explanation for how things are formed, is this any better than current scientific magical theories, such as evolution, that we go out of our way to poopoo?

Hurdle #3. Things in the sky

How are objects displayed up in the sky if the sky is a glass dome? If this cannot be explained, and Mark Sargent does not explains this, then the flat earth theory is only half baked. Please do not pollute my mind with more half baked theories that are presented as full true explanations. What is the devise then, that shows projections of the stars, sun, moon, meteorites and other planets in our solar system on the glass ceiling of our flat earth? Are these images perhaps holograms? As in 911, Dr. Judy Wood and holographic planes?

The mere fact that Mark does not give an explanation as to how the dome was built, who built it, where they are now, is fishy to me, as this is the main point of his flat earth theory: We are under a dome.

Mark Sargent should really be called a Domer, not a Flat Earther.

Mark, the Domer, Sargent, I await your response to these hurdles.

8 years ago

I agree, I feel like these are brainwashing. It is like the David Icke Reptilian videos, you start to take it literally, and you have to stop. I never dismiss anything out of hand at first, but there are too many points to refute. It appeals to someone who is open to new ideas, IOW: “open to suggestion”. It is good to consider information, but you don’t have to accept it.
I think if there were a dome, the air would be very hot, rather than colder at high elevations, also thicker, rather than thinner.
It sounds like there are a lot of cargo ships that transverse the southern hemisphere, too.
The earth is probably a “glob”, (globe), because most things that we observe are-from rain droplets to grains of sand to rocks.