q June 2015 – Fakeologist's Ball Earth Skeptic

Flat flat flat audios

John hosts another interesting roundtable. My views on the flat earth is more of an anti-NASA ball skeptic, similar to Jon’s.

An interesting laser experiment mentioned in this broadcast occurs tonite as well.

Eric always comes across well in his interviews. He doesn’t tend to overstate his case, leaving many questions open but definitely damning NASA for its control the flat earth debate. He mentioned how the flat earth debate was quite active before NASA began and took the one Apollo 17 picture that is really the only one used to this day.

Miles on the flat earth psyop

Miles calls the flat earth wave of interest a psyOp. http://mileswmathis.com/flatearth.pdf

I am getting so many emails on this one, I felt pressured to write this brief response. Very few of my
science readers are asking me about this, but many of those reading my history papers are. I think that
is because the spooks are running a very visible disinfo campaign on the Flat Earth, and a lot of people
are being snared by it. I am not sure why the Flat Earth is getting so much “alternative” press right
now, but I have my suspicions.

h/t Simon Shack

Belief is the enemy of knowing

I do not have a solid opinion on who’s real and who’s here to disrupt and distract, but Mark and Crrow are both great speakers and offer an entertaining audio.

Two great quotes from Crrow:

First one is at 43:30

Belief is the enemy of knowing…

Second one is at 1:39:33

One of the goals of all the false news is to put you in a heightened emotional state… The reason this is done is because humans are most susceptible to influence during emotional distress

When humans are emotionally short circuiting, logic is out the window.

Do we all remember Mr Spock telling us this?

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable Ep 1

Roundtable ring master John le Bon does a great job (he should get a paid gig) rounding up anti-globalists.

I tend to agree with John’s position on almost all counts in this audio.