Simon sees a curve

Took a few years, but Simon finally weighs in.

Lately, I’ve been discussing with a pen pal the issue of Earth’s curvature which, of course, is one of the Flat Earther’s favorite topics which they endlessly submit as ‘proof’ of the world’s flatness. Let me first make it clear that I do actually share ONE thing with the (earnest) Flat Earthers: that is, their quite reasonable request that whatever is claimed by astronomers should be EMPIRICALLY OBSERVABLE (that is, only under optical conditions that allow them to be observed).

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all unreal | South is Center – North is infinite and unknown

Hard to keep one’s eye on the ball-earth and come to terms with how its geography can be levelled out and presented flat. Globe earth is so complex to render in 2D that we have hundreds of different maps and projections as experts like to label them.

Source: all unreal | South is Center – North is infinite and unknown


Infinite Plane Theory doesn’t claim to know the unknown, nor does it attempt to explain away the gaps in our knowledge.Just because you may experience and observe the world as flat doesn’t mean you’re informed enough to know what lies at, or beyond, what’s printed at the edge of the maps. Is it safe to assume the world stops where the maps end?