Johnny on the flat earth fakers

Jesuit Order exposer Johnny talks about the current issues of the truther world.


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The sun is 119x bigger than the moon?

Eric says no, they’re the same size.. and Eric’s video is 27(9):11 in length. Who’s playing who here?

According to the the following site, the sun diameter is 400x times the moon, and 109 times the earth, coming in at around 900,000 mythical miles. All these numbers are made up and made to fit numerology from where I see things.

Still, fascinating information on our controllers.

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Jesuits at the top

Lots of interesting quotes with some harsh conclusions at the end.

I know that many more people promote that the Jews are on top, but it makes more sense to me that most people that are in power positions choose to be there, as opposed to being born into a group that is in power.

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