Viral Flat Earth Vid

Four million views in a month qualifies as viral to me, with 14,000 comments. Well put together and full of ad-hominems, tin foil hats and space references, I didn’t exactly like his message but found some interesting nuggets.

Post your favorite flat earth links below. I am not convinced any way at all on what we’re living on, but it seems more and more are talking about it. If this “controlled” VSauce producer is any indication, then the PRC seems worried enough to start steering the wandering herd back to their global message.

Rotating earth, complete with satellites and other “facts” we question.

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Are the earth’s pictures faked?

It’s the only way I could tie this into fakery, although this is relevant to big lies.

There are four pieces of evidence, that I know of, which purport to show that we live inside a concave Earth. None of the evidence below is 100% conclusive, but two items are very close.

via Concave Earth Theory – The Wild Heretic.


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Flat earthers and NASA doubters

Here’s an article linking anyone who questions NASA with flat earthers, which of course is an insult or pejorative worse than tin foil hat conspiracy theorist.

For me, it is precisely because it is clear that 9/11 was the grandest of all media fakery psyops with a 99% success rate that I discovered the NASA fakery. From there, it is only natural to consider that other “truths” are outright lies. I therefore am wide open to discarding a spherical earth if fake space photos are their best evidence.

I am also open to the fact that any “flat earth society” is controlled opposition to lunify that concept as well.

There are so many layers of the truth onion. Also interesting how and why this story makes media at all. Are they detecting a new buzz thanks to a growing awareness of fakeologists?

“It is always good to question ‘how we know what we know’, but it is also good to have the ability to accept compelling evidence – such as the photographs of Earth from space.”

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