Ep139-Mark Sargent Roundtable

When? Sunday March 22 2015 5:55pm

What? We go through Clues 1-3 and ask questions

Who? Ab, Del, Mark, Chris from hoaxbusterscall.com, Garbage Media, John Le Bon, Paul from NY, Videre, Unreal [Roundtable]

Mark’s youtube: www.youtube.com/user/markksargent


Blue Moon waxes eloquently on this topic here: fakeologist.com/2015/03/22/confusing-space-art/#comment-6171


Sun Mar 22, 6:40:40pm
delcroix: Room 237 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_237
Sun Mar 22, 6:42:11pm
delcroix: Space: 1999 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space:_1999
Sun Mar 22, 6:42:58pm
delcroix: From the Earth to the Moon en.wikipedia.org/wiki/From_the_Earth_to_the_Moon
Sun Mar 22, 6:48:57pm
delcroix: Jay Weidner “Kubrick´s Odyssey How Stanley Faked the Moon Landings”
Sun Mar 22, 6:59:39pm
Sun Mar 22, 7:07:23pm
unrealchat1go: What is Genral « bird » is as real as JFK ? he seems like a staged personality, with his agenda etc… nothing to verify,,
Sun Mar 22, 7:08:03pm
Rubulisk: What is going on people?
Sun Mar 22, 7:08:38pm
unrealchat1go: radioshow live ! cp.usa6.fastcast4u.com:2199/start/fakeologist/
Sun Mar 22, 7:08:41pm
delcroix: cp.usa6.fastcast4u.com:2199/start/fakeologist/
Sun Mar 22, 7:08:55pm
delcroix: snap lol
Sun Mar 22, 7:09:43pm
unrealchat1go: Admiral “Bird” the great Aviatior,,, it’s scripted !
Sun Mar 22, 7:09:54pm
delcroix: roundtable rub , with mark sargent on flat earth clues
Sun Mar 22, 7:11:11pm
delcroix: ding
Sun Mar 22, 7:16:33pm
unrealchat1go: Admiral Bird is a scam,,, DCP’ed after end of mission,,
Sun Mar 22, 7:17:48pm
unrealchat1go: come on,,, Bird is a joke
Sun Mar 22, 7:18:14pm
unrealchat1go: didn’t look any more confertable than armstrong on TV
Sun Mar 22, 7:21:13pm
delcroix: @unrealchat1go , what do you think on the flat earth in general man ?
Sun Mar 22, 7:21:33pm
unrealchat1go: I think water always is flat,,,
Sun Mar 22, 7:22:13pm
delcroix: aye , it is
Sun Mar 22, 7:22:55pm
unrealchat1go: & i don’t trust any “military” establishment figure,,,
Sun Mar 22, 7:24:14pm
delcroix: yep i hear you there too
Sun Mar 22, 7:24:45pm
unrealchat1go: Dinosaurs are “Birds” too
Sun Mar 22, 7:25:53pm
delcroix: the very things we are using to communicate are military inventions so we have to discern somewhere
Sun Mar 22, 7:30:16pm
unrealchat1go: 4,700 men, 13 ships,,, all ‘magic’ numbers >47=74=11
Sun Mar 22, 7:34:03pm
delcroix: yep i did mention that
Sun Mar 22, 7:36:21pm
unrealchat1go: “the surviving six crew members were rescued 13 days later”
Sun Mar 22, 7:38:57pm
unrealchat1go: Bird, the freemason: Byrd was an active Freemason.
He became a member of Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, D.C. on March
19, 1921 and affiliated with Kane Lodge No. 454, New York City,
September 18, 1928. He was a member of National Sojourners
Chapter No. 3 at Washington. He and his pilot, Bernt Balchen dropped
Masonic flags on the two poles—Balchen also added his Shrine fez. In the
Antarctic expedition of 1933-35, 60 of the 82 members were Freemasons
and on February 5, 1935 established First Antarctic Lodge No. 777 of New
Zealand constitution
Sun Mar 22, 7:42:24pm
unrealchat1go: Byrd died in his sleep on 11 March > 3/11
Sun Mar 22, 7:48:25pm
delcroix: www.youtube.com/user/TheNASAchannel math ‘s channel
Sun Mar 22, 7:49:14pm
delcroix: he does great floor paintings
Sun Mar 22, 7:55:17pm


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8 years ago

Hope the show will focus on the flat earth, not “God’s Dome” above…

It is always tempting to jump to conclusions, and unfortunately no interview with a figure-head such as “Bird” (some humor here, maybe?) can be interpreted in any way that Sargent do, nor can there be any certainty about the existence of any dome.
on the other hand, we should be able to determine with some certainty what the shape of the earth really is, or at least disgard certain myths in favour of facts (not further speculation about “the creator”). also, there is no reason a flat earth need to be circular, and the distances beyond the antarctic could be infinite and not just hide the beginning of any pretended dome.

8 years ago

Was Byrd “Gus Grissomed” because TPTB didn’t think he could keep it a secret?

8 years ago

Just as a reminder, before the ‘space’ age, there were other myth’s propagated in the media and we should keep in mind that the ‘Pole’ expeditions have been heavily mediatised, especially the South pole expeditions with Amundsen & Scott.

Are the ‘Pole’ expeditions just as fake as the ‘Moon’ mission ?

if the Azimuthal Equidistant projection or any other shape than a spherical earth is correct, there would not be any particular point to plant a flag on the South Pole,,, as this must have been known before any ‘Pole’ expedition (even if only known as an unidentifiediable location) all the mediatised ‘Pole’ expeditions must have been as real as the ‘news’ on 9/11.

richard benedict
richard benedict
8 years ago

Clue 1: the moon program is a hoax therefore the world is flat-a non sequitur.
Clue 2:Re: Byrd’s wall-you say there is a military line preventing people from reaching the wall. Is that true for the whole 360 degree arc as represented in the UN flag/USGS flag? How big is the naval line as it would have to be 360 degrees and not just the 20-30 decree arc of the Antarctic.
Clue 3: Maps
Azimuthal Equidistant
I think it is presumptive to assert that a flat map is chosen because it is accurate. If you look up the reasons for different projections it is because you have the problem of projecting a sphere on a plane. Biriundi’s map is based on equidistant projections from a fixed point from a sphere to a plane, thus the name azimuthal equidistant. Using the map you assert is accurate you still haven’t solve the problem I originally posited when you first appeared on ab’s show. As I commented on in clue 9, If you fly from Santiago Chile to Perth Australia why does it take only approximately 12 hr to travel the 7600 miles? Are you flying from the bottom of the flat earth map to the top? How far is it from Santiago to say Toronto? Does it take less time? It should based what you say is the true map, the USGS map. But if you book a flight it dosen’t take less time but longer. That fact refutes the flat earth map.
How does the flat earth explain seasons and the change in the angle of the sun and its intensity? The moon phases? What is the source of moonlight?
I think more evidence is needed on this provocative subject.

8 years ago

After reviewing the mechanics of it all, I have come to the conclusion that the flat earth topic is yet another psyop for those who are somewhat mechanically challenged. (no offense ab..)

“Flat Earthers of any denomination cannot account for the fact that anybody living “inward from that government-conspiracy-concocted line” called the equator would view Polaris moving in a counter-clockwise direction – and yet anybody living outside that same line would not see Polaris, but would see Sigma Octantis moving in the opposite direction.”

See further explanation here:
(lol! I like the link “conundum” – Was that intentional?)

8 years ago
Reply to  Videre

the sky is even more unknown than the earth,,, it is not direct evidence but circumstantial. we can not prove anything by an unknown entity as the universe… 68% unknown ‘dark matter’ goes to show we know less than we should to pretend we know something… if i give you a 32% correct answer, would you feel like i have made my point?

to prove whether the earth curbs or not, and if so in which direction, we should base this on direct observation on and of the ground surface.

also, do we spin ?
we are supposed to rotate at 1,674.4 km/h or 1,040.4 mi/h,,,,

8 years ago
Reply to  Videre

i don’t have a clue about celestial mechanics; but i do know that the rather plane battery in my truck has polarity. therefore, spheres don’t have a monopoly on poles.

i also know that adm. byrd was working in the family business, acting.

but it doesn’t matter, i don’t care what i’m standing on; as long as it’s sturdy.

Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
8 years ago
Reply to  Videre

I’m not at all surprised that you’re ‘seeing the ball’ Vids, hehe.

8 years ago

Nobody wants to ask Mark about how an eclipse works in a flat earth model?

John le Bon
8 years ago

I know it is very late and it may be that nobody will see this reply but I thought it worth noting that I put together a pictorial recreation of this episode and uploaded it to youtube.

I think it would serve as a good primer for any ‘flat earth clues’ n00bz and although a pictorial recreation isn’t as visually exciting as a genuine video, I think it will appeal to those who like to think deeply about what they are listening to.

P.S. It took me many hours to put together so watch the damned thing!

8 years ago

The first successful upper air rocket reached only 70 miles, V 2 no, 3 10th may 1946.

The first photograph of the earth from space was also in 1946


Looks flat to me..!!