Confusing Space art

Is it any wonder you can’t get very far in understanding the nature of the ground we’re standing on? The media specializes in confusion (since it lost its monopoly on convincing), and this story from the MI6 propaganda rag Telegraph is no exception.

This story purports that another entity other than NASA is into space art (NASA contractors for the official space art?). Reading the story really just results in more confusion, while confirming the globe myth. In fact, it appears the soul purpose of NASA is propagate the globe myth first, removing speculation of anyone who dares think about the moon and the stars. Their secondary mission is to propagate silly stories about other “planets” and galaxies and universes.

A lie spreads around Twitter faster than the truth can get its boots on, and the solar eclipse was no exception when this apparently stunning picture showing the eclipse from space emerged.

The image appeared to capture the incredible moment of totality where the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun blocking out all light to the Earth below.

via Solar eclipse: amazing picture from International Space Station was photoshopped – Telegraph.

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Ep139-Mark Sargent Roundtable

When? Sunday March 22 2015 5:55pm

What? We go through Clues 1-3 and ask questions

Who? Ab, Del, Mark, Chris from, Garbage Media, John Le Bon, Paul from NY, Videre, Unreal [Roundtable]

Mark’s youtube:


Blue Moon waxes eloquently on this topic here:


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Your mother, Earth – Plane or Planet?

The difference is one letter. Both words derive from the Latin planus, flat or level. Both words describe completely different models of the earth and solar system. Which model do you prefer?

Eric Dubay has a long internet history, and seems to be at odds with the latest Flat Earth Youtube sensation, Mark Sargent. Watch this interesting video with a good interview and Eric’s imagery. The Flat Earth discussion/psyop/hoax is just beginning to heat up, with lines in the sand being drawn it appears. May the best idea win!

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Flat Earth Clue 10

Mark sent me this funny note:

Seems that the authority has a sense of humor.

Clue 10 gets delayed by youtube last night, finally goes up at 2AM or so. By noon today I’ve got 750 hits. Then it vanishes from the search engine. I know this because the only Clue 10 is your mirror. It’s still in my editor, but if you search for Flat earth clues, mine is missing.

So the joke is, and you’ll get the gag, is what Clue 10 was about, HIDING things.

Seems the programmer that is assigned to me thinks he’s clever.

Thanks for the mirror though!

While I think any strangulating monopoly like Google can be evil,  I’m not sure every search or hit count anomoly is deliberate or planned.

I do think the less you rely on these highly centralized services the better. It’s too bad so many people have become dependant on them, and consider Facebook and YouTube the Internet. There is so much more, most of which you can call your own.

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 10 Hiding GOD:

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Flat earth love and hate

Seems like I stepped into a bees nest when I started posted/talking about flat earth. Perhaps people (sims or real) are more passionate about the place we live in than 9/11 or other psyOp/hoaxes.

Mark Sargent says he was shuffled off at the (controlled) Flat Earth Society website. This site wrote a favorable review, however:

When you hear these two hours and see how they feed your brain with excitement… you realize that the term “flat earther” actually is a synonym of “free thinker” and not of “idiot” as the dictionary would have us think:

2. a person who clings to an idea or theory that has long been proved wrong

There is a very high density of intelligence in this community. Probably higher than in any other community. I am so proud to have become part of this community.

via Interview with Mark Sargent | The International Flat Earth Research Society.

Here’s the flip side of the feedback.

Name: Mike
Email: who knows if real
Comment: Hey Fake!

I’m a big fan of Mark Sargents work. You’re self-promoting ‘Ignorant Heim’. I would have liked have heard more of what Mark had to say but you’re nazzely heim voice got in the way of the interview. Shut your fucking mouth and listen.

Go fuck yourself!
Type of feedback: Hate
Pathway to…: youtube

Nazzely heim?

Here’s some more:

Name: jeff
Comment: Love your stuff and I am listening to your Mark Sargeant interview now. But please let your guests finish their sentences. You cut nearly every sentence which is annoying, not to mention rude. Try listening to how Mel Fabregas interviews on
Type of feedback: Introduction
Pathway to…: random
Ok to publish (user)name (if not an introduction?): Yes

My response:  I am still an avid listener of Howard Stern. He is a serial interrupter, most times for the listeners’ good. Many times I get mad that he cuts off great guests, but in the end, the show moves very quickly. In this interview, I had no idea how much time Mark had. I thought he might get multiple phone calls an hour, and that the interview would be cut off. When he comes back, I’ll be less impatient and let him expand his thoughts.

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