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6 years ago

yes, if you pay attention to the narrative stellar parallax is obvious bullshit…


…but that doesn’t mean the silver-nosed narrative device that we’ve been told to call brahe wasn’t a narrative device. i mean he was at the holy roman emperer rudolf II’s alchemical court along with dr. 007 dee (who taught bruno about copernicus), ed kelly, kepler, rabbi loew and his golem of course, and the first official court jew meisel…

“The complex position of Court Jews is suggested in a single object in the show’s first gallery. It is a small amulet given by Mordecai Meisel (1528-1601) to Rudolf II. Made of gold, enamel and precious stones, it is an extravagantly beautiful gift from a subject to his lord, yet it bears the engraved image of a seven-branch menorah, and its dedication to the ”eternally powerful” Emperor Rudolf is in Hebrew.”

i assume our maths and psience experts have taken a look at rudolf’s magical court by now, but if not you can start with this podcast…


and then here’s brahe and kepler’s famous rudolfine tables…
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…and here’s the famous masonic double eagle…


and here’s apollo 11’s lonely one headed eagle that landed on the moon we’re told…
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rudy was the holy roman emperor cabalist/alchemist king of hungary and bohemia. he moved the royal hustling court to prague from vienna. prague is the heart of bohemia of course. so symmetry demands that the cat i once told our brave future solver of the solar system about, t. keith fuckin’ glennan, would say some silly shit like this:

“When the apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon on 20 July 1969, I was glued to a television screen at the Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco and was as thrilled and emotionally moved as anyone could be.” – T. Keith Glennan

…i wasn’t there but i’ve been told that a second great war resulted from the shitty denouement of a first great war during the 20th century. and during this second great war a psience cabal was formed. it was comprised of a bunch of high g factor types. it was called the osrd; they gave us sundry bullshit like the manhattan project and the defense industry.

here’s the cabal at the bohemian grove of course…


…these were the hustlers that got ole t. keith glennan into official government work we’re told:

“A major change to Glennan’s career came, as it did for most other Americans, with the U.S. entry into World War II in December 1941. The summer thereafter he left Goldwyn to enter defense work, taking a position with the Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory, operated by Columbia University at New London, Connecticut. This laboratory reported to the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), an agency organized by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 to coordinate scientific research and development on behalf of the war effort. Under the overall direction of Vannevar Bush, the MIT scientific research organizer par excellence, the OSRD exercised broad influences over national defense research efforts until the end of the war.

…t. keith went from the movie business into running a big-ass government swimming pool so symmetry naturally demands that he would be the first head hustler in charge of nasa.

the osrd was organized by fdr we’re told so symmetry again demands of course that fdr’s son and joe kennedy protégé, james roosevelt, worked for goldwyn of course…


by the way, brahe’s nova stella (11/11/1572 of course) proved that the heavens weren’t immutable, so to speak; which means there weren’t crystalline celestial spheres, which means nasa could send spaceships way up there in order to improve on the rudolfine tables of course…


…and for symmetry’s sake; the first world war began as a result of the shitty denouement of the hapsburg clan, you remember when franz, the royal prince of hungary and of bohemia, was assasinated by these dastardly narrative devices…
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…did i forget to mention the hungarian martians?


6 years ago
Reply to  smj


6 years ago

The video has an unusual translation of the “spheres” quote by Tycho. A common version is this:

“Now it is quite clear to me that there are no solid spheres in the heavens, and those that have been devised by authors to save the appearances, exist only in their imagination, for the purpose of permitting the mind to conceive the motion which the heavenly bodies trace in their courses.”

The “solid spheres” Tycho refers to here are the transparent “celestial spheres” which, in the ancient model, rotated around the Sun and carried the planets in their orbits. Celestial spheres don’t work in Tycho’s model.