Discredit by association

Simon speaks to me (directly or figuratively) in his latest essay on the Flat Earth surge on youtube and other places.

KHam 41 recently laid out the whole reason I respect Simon, Hoi, and cluesforum.info – the concise, clear, and definitive September Clues Tour Guide, which to me is the final answer on 9/11.

I have the personality to fall into all rabbit holes, it seems. I DO have the ability to climb out of most of them. Is Simon telling me I’ve fallen into a giant, NASA Flat Earth rabbit (moon) crater? If so, I’ll be happy to climb out.

The main thing I have learned in this fakeologist journey is that the this is a battle for the human mind. A real science is involved in influencing and leading human beings at all times. Just knowing this fact is 50% of the battle, the other 50% is trying to escape its clutches.

I think it is high time for us to react / address and call out the current, escalating yet all-too-transparent “DBA-strategy” (Discredit By Association) adopted by NASA’s propaganda dept – clearly designed for damage control: NASA has by now been roundly exposed as a total fraud – and, of course, they weren’t going to just sit back and let a growing number of honest / legitimate grass-root researchers “lead” the fledgling ‘NASA truth movement’ (for lack of a better term – *sigh*) and tranquilly diffuse their findings to the general public – in any sort of snowballing / or unimpeded fashion.What NASA has rolled out is a carefully planned and coordinated, ‘viral’ DBA / co-opting campaign centered on the ‘Flat Earth’ meme and – I will hastily add – (with respect to those who may honestly entertain alternative cosmic models of their own) this fact should be clear as day to anyone, regardless of whether you reckon we live on a globe, a cube, a pancake or a Wiener würstel. The point being, it is by now painfully obvious that the objective of this NASA-campaign is to associate & equate (in the general public’s psyche) anyone questioning NASA to mentally challenged / raving crackpots:

Source: View topic – NASA’S FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY • Cluesforum.info

Miles on the flat earth psyop

Miles calls the flat earth wave of interest a psyOp. mileswmathis.com/flatearth.pdf

I am getting so many emails on this one, I felt pressured to write this brief response. Very few of my
science readers are asking me about this, but many of those reading my history papers are. I think that
is because the spooks are running a very visible disinfo campaign on the Flat Earth, and a lot of people
are being snared by it. I am not sure why the Flat Earth is getting so much “alternative” press right
now, but I have my suspicions.

h/t Simon Shack

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Flat earthing to obsure NASA’s exposure

Simon says he does not believe in the flat earth, and that this sudden abundance of Flat Earth research /propaganda is to put a cloud of smoke between serious research and NASA via crazy by association techniques.

Since I always believe the deception is one more step than the obvious put before us, I’ll entertain the thought.

Now, lest I be called ‘unduly paranoid’, I guess I’ll have to address this ‘peculiar’ issue by sharing my personal musings with everyone (regardless of whether one sincerely believes the flat earth model has any merit or not – I do not, btw – for what it’s worth to anyone… ). Think about it: if YOU were a NASA propagandist / psychologist – and you were facing the horrific / catastrophic prospect of a mass-awakening to the BIG NASA FRAUD, what would YOU do ? Well, I know exactly what I would do : I would try and flood every single ‘conspiracy-site’ (which even remotely addresses / questions NASA’s legitimacy) with the most extreme theory imaginable – i.e. the sort of theory which I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY the general public will instantly associate with ‘pure madness’. I trust that (no matter what one’s stance on the flat earth model is) we may all agree that – at this historical moment in time – there could hardly be ANY ‘crazier’, ‘over-the-top’ /and thus offputting contention than this earth being flat as a pancake (ok, so perhaps I’ll have to eat my words some day – and mind you, I actually love pancakes, so don’t you ever dare misquoting me!). As it is, I simply cannot think of any more effective way for NASA to undermine our solid / rationally-acquired findings exposing the very real & demonstrable BIG NASA FRAUD.


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