Eric Dubay talks to John le Bon

Two well spoken skeptics meet.

At 1:15:00 Eric does a brilliant job explaining the misunderstanding and misrepresentation of religion.

At around 1:30:00 Eric addresses him poisoning the well with Holohoax information.

Join Matrix Decode, David Weiss and host John le Bon for another installment of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable. Our guest for tonight is Eric Dubay, author of The Flat-Earth Conspiracy and president of the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS). Audio Only Here Your browser does not support the audio element.


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7 thoughts on “Eric Dubay talks to John le Bon”

  1. interesting listen

    too bad Eric Dubay has not taken the time to come onto Fakeologist, because as much as John Le Bon is well-spoken, he does host together with people like Weiss, who is a proven shill in my eyes after the Khammad & Hoi debate. interviewing people like Mark Sargeant & Crrrow (or Weiss) is a waste of time. these figures, by their limited proofs and sketchy associations, are certain to be gatekeepers. however credible and like-able they might seem on the surface.

    as for religions, they are all constructions where only “belief” is permitted. these belief-systems were propagated with the most advanced mass-media propaganda machines existing at the time; books, music and travelling priests,,, how much logic do we need to disregard religion ? they all have the same wrapping, but we somehow like to lend credence to their “books” and “writings”… will future generations be able to look at our mass-media of the day to discover any truth all ? Fakeologists know there isn’t much worthwhile to rely on coming from todays mass-media. to believe age or time changes this situation is misguided. our calendar should be a good hint as to when our current masterclass took control of events (2015). anything produced the last 2000+ years has been very tightly controlled and fabricated indeed. same people, same method.

  2. Unreal ….John le Bon well spoken..?? he cant even get Eric’s name right, here’s a thing though
    if you spell Dubay, predictive text changes it to Dubai…?? Maybe JLB is a computer
    generated host..? …Videre get on the case..!!

    I do agree with you though about interviewing proven shills, a total waist of time..!!

    Eric destroying Crow 777, along with Mark Sergeant towards the end of the chat
    was quite enjoyable, he accused MS as having done all the shill circuit’s…lol

    1. @thereason,
      Why are you dumping on Jon? If you don’t think he’s well spoken, then you must not think I speak well. I’m very impressed with Jon, and enjoy what he’s doing with the topic.

      1. Dumping on jon..? …I think you are mistaking my British humour, for insults..?

        What about replying to the point raised by UNREAL and I, regarding interviewing known Shills..?

      2. You’re right I missed the humor. No one above noted is a “proven” shill. If “proven” shills were not interviewed, I’d be talking to myself and a few other people. The fact is anyone out there who wants to talk about these topics by people I believe are on my side are fine with me. I have a working brain and I will decide for myself who is working for what side. Same goes for everyone, for the most part.

        1. it always takes some time to shake down the gatekeepers, they all come with some good information that we hear at the get-go. in that regard, it is a good thing to speed up the process and have them on. this was the case with Weiss and Sargeant who both came on the air with Ab and Kham. after the interviews it became clear these figures have an agenda or are just unreliable. it is from that point on it becomes uninteresting to follow their respective interviews and statements.

          wouldn’t you agree that both Weiss & Sargeant proved to be gatekeepers after these respective shows ?

  3. ”At 1:15:00 Eric does a brilliant job explaining the misunderstanding and misrepresentation of religion.”

    Yes. Love that point. The great old fables and parables were there to help explain the natural world to children and were not meant to be taken literally.
    In this way, mainstream Religion has hijacked Nature. It gave us a Jewish Jesus Christ; said he was real and said: ”That’s your model, go run with it”.

    2015 years later, or whatever, that explains a lot, doesn’t it ? We see a pattern of people hijacking nature, on a micro-scale, with all these psyOps. That’s how they work, – it’s the same behaviour.

    Is this not the true nature of ‘The Bible PsyOp’ ( if you will ) ?

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