Flat earth MSM rising?

The potato panel discusses the latest breakthrough of flat talk into your main stream media.

Like them or lump them, outsiders to conspiracy talk will be landing here and everywhere, so your message to newbies better be clear.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

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Aris Tocles
Aris Tocles
7 years ago

I didn’t listen to the whole thing but the part about having the Mainstream covered twitter war and rap battle being “ahead of schedule” cracked me up. I don’t know if the Sarge intentionally slips those up or it is just going to happen when you do so many hours of podcasts, radio shows, and interviews weekly. And do it living off of “family money”.

My take is it is just business and marketing. B.o.B. might be sincere but insinuating David Irving has anything to do with Flat Earth is just crazy and self-defeating and probably intentional . And the very next day, NDT nephew just happened to “retaliate” for Uncle Neil and release his rap in response. And he included a jab at Stacy Dash of FOX news and cousin of Dame Dash.

No what about Nephew Tyson?
Well currently Director of Media for Black Male Development Symposium, a quick search shows that it is Open Society (Soros) funded. Other raps by Nephew is blacklivesmatter and StarTalking. It also looks like he got started with GlobalGrind. That is Russell Simmons outfit.

You can google B.o.B. and Sevyn and see all kinds of pics of them going to Russell Simmons events. B.o.B. has mentioned in videos he does the crazy stuff for publicity and to get paid. I don’t think he is sincere.

And the bit on Comedy Central (parent Viacom) with NDT “dropping the mic” and proving gravity is all part of the script. Just like Obama appearing on Sony’s Crackle TV channel with Jerry Seinfeld Comedians Getting Coffee. This was probably a deal done for the Sony pictures “The Interview” hack psyop. And then Obama starts his last SOU with a joke. Obama “wooomp there it is.”

Its all marketing.