Art Bell – Ball Earth Debate w/Morgile

Art Bell, one of the original conspiracy talk show hosts, is back online (strange story behind his leaving the airwaves).

If the torrent count is any indication, the latest ball earth skeptic “debate” with The Morgile and Jonathan E. Grindlay, Robert Treat Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy was a popular show.

I just started listening, and so far am unimpressed with the “doctor”. Same old lame arguments for the globe, with a large dose of condescension.

Art is selling his archives, so I won’t post it here, instead providing you with a link to obtaining it.

Morgile Discussion on the show

Morgile download links

Source: Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell – 2015-08-05 mp3 Jon “The Morgile” vs Josh Grindlay Topic(s): Flat Earth Theory Torrent | Music – ECOtorrent

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6 years ago

this interview is quite a chore, but nevertheless it gives some answers about the gameplay at hand.

the flat earth gives the establishment a very strong position to use for discrediting alternative research and their bet is that their appeal to authority fallacy is of such magnitude in this matter that they will need to face no fact. we can understand now how Obama’s appeal to ridicule was part of this strategy as well, and now they even resuscitate cadavers and/or “authorities like Art Bell to gain a momentum.
the professors list of exploits in this debate is as follows:

Research Interests: Compact objects and binaries in globular clusters and the origin and evolution of compact X-ray binaries. Accretion onto white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. Development of a balloon-borne hard X-ray-imaging telescope and future space missions for hard X-ray observations of X-ray binaries and quasars.

Publications: Over 500 papers in refereed scientific journals

National service: Numerous Advisory Committees for NASA, NRC and NSF. Chair of Division of High Energy Astrophysics (American Astronomical Society) and Division of Astrophysics (American Physical Society)

Honors: Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science; Fellow, Guggenheim Foundation

not bad as to avoid any argumentation with appeal to this kind of authority,,,

so, coupled against us the bet is that we stand no chance but ridicule, so it is evident that the tactics at hand has nothing to do with the earth being flat or not, but the ambition is solely to have the best shot possible at our whole movement through their most powerful trick: Appeal to experts and authority and appeal to ridicule.

the platitudes served on the Art Bell show are of such transparence that we unmistakably can conclude that the PRC psyOp divisions soon have no clothes or spacesuits left to cover their complete lack of tangible evidence or facts.

So, all skeptics of the flat earth debate, listen well to this interview and read what is written between the lines: there are no objective facts supporting a spherical earth spinning at 1000mph, and this show proves this fact in a VERY clear way, just read the professors credentials once again to be sure of this,,,

white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes

6 years ago

At 26:14 of Part 2 of the provided links the good doctor says in his summation: “…it just goes to show how far our education system has to go.” (Referring to those who question what they have been told.) He goes on to say: “…but on the whole it is working well”, as most people never ask fundamental questions once they depart the education system. Forget the exponential decline in literacy, ciphering and critical thinking over the last hundred years, so long as we remember what we are told.

Indeed, the education system is working well.

6 years ago

I find it quite amusing that a blowhard like Art Bell who believes in stupid paranormal garbage like ghosts and aliens would ridicule anyone who is skeptical of the spinning ball earth model.