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6 years ago

I haven’t spent much time on flat earth, it is a very new concept to me. I also haven’t watched any episode of Under the Dome so I don’t know if it has an agenda to promote flat earth or if it’s just creepy.

I do recall that episode of West Wing and remember how much I enjoyed it. Of all the West Wing episodes (and seasons) I watched, that one really stayed with me.

Thanks for such a great video,

6 years ago

I thought the video was going to be about HOW your eyes hide the obvious dome structure that is around us. But no.

The video was about a paper dinosaur optical illusion and the weird phenomenon of inattentional blindness. No where were these two things actually hooked to the dome model.

Ab had made posts on these two things in the past, on both the paper dinosaur and the gorilla walking through the basketball team. Mark Sargent could have gotten all his info for that video from fakeologist.com.

Basically this is Mark Sargents logic: Your eyes play tricks on you so there is a dome over your flat earth that you can’t see.

That is really bad logic because Mark makes no logical attempt in the video to connect the visual phenomenon to the dome model. What is really going on is the flashy video is supposed to distract the audience from the fact that this video is tricking you into thinking it’s saying something meaningful about the dome model, but it really is not.

Consider Marks logic:

Your eyes play tricks on you so there is a dome over you.

Is this statement, that Mark is basing his whole video over, intellectual acceptable?

6 years ago
Reply to  ab


About interviewing Mark sargent, since he and the whole flat earth lot are basically oral bs artists, having a conversation with them would result in just more bs, as in their round table nonsense. I experienced this when I interviewed John LeBon. I had over 20 questions for him when the interview ended. I couldn’t get to my questions in because John steamrolls the conversation. This was the first interview I had ever done where I could barely get a word in. You experienced this yourself when John LeBon came on the audiochat here at fakeologist.com. He rambled through several subjects not letting others respond before he went on to other topics.

Side bar: I remember when I complained about the first JeffC roundtable talks, when mysteriously, 7 people in one call never talked over or stepped on each others conversation, that is not real life. We here on our audiochat get 3 people on a call and we step on each other. Now here comes John LeBon and he magically rectifies that situation by being the mediator. I complained and John shows up with the solution. Strange.

Perhaps the best method for getting questions answered is an email question and answer format. In other words, we can only pin them down on paper. I realize John LeBon is not Mark sargent however the bs is still the same.

6 years ago
Reply to  khammad

Wow, my statement feels really harsh reading it back. Problem is it appears to be true according to all I have encountered so far. How to tell the truth without hurting feelings is tough. I feel bad reading it, but I stand by what I wrote.

Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
6 years ago

Mmm, Mark Sargeant always felt kind of ‘mainstream’. The smooth production… I dunno…Here he references The West Wing and the Peters Projection, which were ideas fed to us in a round of mainstream media last year, a few months before his series.
He does seem to be some kind of Pied Piper for ‘Flat Earth’. But his ‘clues’ come with the exotic conjecture attached. Some might call it bullshit.

A lot of people were ‘woken up’ to 9/11 being an inside job by Loose Change.
Mark Sargeant’s Clues Series is perhaps a Loose Change for Flat Earth.


Someone made a good point about The Blue Marble. How come it shows Africa looking like it does on our standard old map, when we’re now told The Peters Projection is our actual reality ?

The Peters Projection:comment image

Our ‘old’ map: