The dome is the distraction

I’m still trying to figure out the Eric Dubay/Mark Sargent conflict. This latest mainstream media interview may offer a clue. The conversation basically ignored the flat earth model that is central to Eric’s talks and stayed on the dome created by aliens model. This is clearly taking what I think is a possibility and spinning it into crazy.

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8 years ago

Please, please explain how the “dome” is a distraction?! How is a theory about the planet having a dome of some sort over it weirder or less acceptable than the earth being a stationary pancake floating in space?

I don’t get it.

Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander
8 years ago
Reply to  babette

Eric Dubay= Eric Dub A= Eric Double Agent. I found the proof for him shilling for Flat Earth and as a sock puppet for Ball Earth. I haven’t released info yet, but if he or his Freemason dedicated board continues to try to step on my toes, I’ve got news to expose.

The whole Flat Earth subject is a PR campaign, and you can see what I’ve posted so far, and more damning info at Their feud is fake.