Mainstreaming flat earth

Eric chats it up with a fairly mainstream conspiracy show out of Toronto. So far I haven’t heard anything disproving what he says. Is that because there is really nothing out there proving the ball earth? I enjoy Eric’s calm delivery and peaceful nature and definitely am pleased how he exposes NASA for the fraud that it is!



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6 years ago

I’ve thought about this a lot and the thing that sticks out in my mind is being able to see the moon, all its features and glory, setting in the sky. The sun disappearing into the horizon is easier to explain in the flat earth model because it’s so bright, you can’t really stare at it or see the features on it as it becomes easier to look at.

In flat earth, they say that the sun seemingly going down beyond the horizon is because it is moving far enough away from your line of sight, and the reason it seems the same size is the same reason headlights glow brighter from a distance and look the same size while getting closer and closer to you.

I have a hard time imagining the moon projecting the same image from this effect if it is moving away from you.

richard benedict
richard benedict
6 years ago
Reply to  derealium

I remember Eric describing the Red Bull high altitude jump. He said the fellow jumped from a capsule 100,000 above a spot in New Mexico and landed 14 miles east of his vertical starting point. The descent took 10 minutes. Eric argued, if the earth is moving 16 miles a minute, or 1,000 mph then he should have landed at least 160 miles to the west of his location. I have yet to find anyone to answer Eric’s postulate.
I asked a retired over seas pilot and he said you only account for winds when navigating, not rotation. Until this question of the earth’s rotation is answered, I say more power to you Eric! I reserve judgment.

6 years ago

Well, they say that the atmosphere is rotating with the earth, due to the Big G, Gravity. The Red Bull leap falls into the same category as to why plane rides with the spin aren’t just hovering.

But the atmosphere must spin faster and faster to keep up with the earth, the further you go up, and then boom, suddenly it goes from faster spinning gravity forces to a vacuum. I don’t really believe the earth is spinning, and it is quite a coincidence that we always see the same side of the moon if that light is spinning.

I can’t really sort some things out about “flat” as I mentioned in my first reply. “Spinning” is a different story.

John le Bon
6 years ago

Thanks for the headsup, Ab. I had almost forgotten about Dubay and Flat Earth, been focusing on other research lately. This was another good interview.

For me, it is simple: If the sun’s gravity is strong enough to pull the earth around it, and the moon’s gravity is strong enough to dictate tides, why do I feel (and see) no difference when the moon and sun happen to be on the same side of the earth (as opposed to when on separate sides)?

Why don’t ‘space ships’ get sucked into the sun on the way to the moon?