2 thoughts on “Antarctic mythmaking”

  1. Nutso – you’d think he would have brought a camera and proper equipment… such baloney. How about a modern trek around that place/with a documentary? Of course they could fake that too.. Geez. Send John le Bon there! He’s not far, I think? Or Rollo!

  2. Another twist, or distortion of the ridiculous psy-op….he’d been ill for 5 weeks with peritonitis.
    “according to one of his friends” who’s probably skyping him this very moment.

    That’s the English spirit, press on with a stiff upper lip when all the cards are stacked against you….
    and don’t even tell all those scientists and doctors at the Amundsen Scott base when you pop in…
    Having reached the South Pole on January 3…
    suffer in silence.

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