Nothing but the truth with Jeranism

Good conversation about how the world needs to change, starting with knowing how big the lies are.  At around one hour Jeranism speaks well about how technology could change education.

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One thought on “Nothing but the truth with Jeranism”

  1. Does the world need to change? Depends who you ask. For us here in the herd, yes I would like to see things more equitable.

    Problem with asking the world to change is we give away our power. Asking for change is a tried and true technique to keep the masses down.

    Change happens within ourself, like in opting out. Like in not participating in the charade. Like not voting for humans. Like not watching tv. Like realizing the media and governments are a tool of control. Like recognizing the similarities between people instead of the differences.

    All the power for change resides within us, not outside us.

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