Globebusters feed the trolls

The boys talk about Eric Dubay and speak to their critics.

How does one reconcile the fact that Eric Dubay has what looks like the best information, but spends the most time attacking anyone else researching the flat earth? Is Eric the one that is here to derail the truth? The Jesuit method of deception is to disguise oneself as the leader of the opposition and foil anyone else who rises up against the system. Is this what he’s doing? It certainly looks like it.

Bob,  John and Jeran have another great audio session. Let’s hope they all can join me this a Sunday for a show.

I look and hear occult numbers all the time. Around 2:00:00 Jeran describes his mortgage problems. What numbers did I hear? 3,19,33,2011,65000,110000,1800. Is there a reason almost every one of them was occult? Maybe Jeran will address this on our next broadcast.

Randy Powell vortex math

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Bobby Bittman
Bobby Bittman
7 years ago

Jeran has done a lot of talking about everything other than the Flat Earth lately. Doing lengthy bits about the Armored Skeptic, the Southern Israelite and now Eric Dubay, Jeran is as distracted as a baby during a photo shoot.

I will give you that Jeran was merely defending himself during his whirlwind tour. But you have to wonder when his self-serving Christian bashing ego trip will end?