4 thoughts on “Jon responds to KHam”

    1. absolutely agree with you Curious.

      it is very good that the accusations Kham made on her radio-show (and through comments in a lesser extent) are handled in an objective manner and that an intelligent debate can be made where Kham makes her points with more supporting evidence and less expressive language leaving name calling behind.

      1. When it’s coming to the point , we don’t know nothing. What is the sun, moon etc.? Had several times a look at Wild Heretic’s website. My conclusion; we are very nicely brainwashed. Better spit the stuff out and start all over again.

  1. Sorry for the delay in responding back to JLB about my accusation that he is not honest with us about his intentions here, and about my accusation that JLB is really cointelpro.

    It is taking me longer than I thought after viewing dozens of flat earth videos this summer to form the right sentences to accurately communicate my thoughts about the nature of this certain deception.

    Thanks your patience.

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