Globe bustin’ on 911

Jeranism believes that a missile was used. Bob believes it was some kind of drone strike with Judy Wood weapons destroying the buildings. David Weiss is also a Judy Wood booster (bought 20 books don’t ya know @50 {did he get a discount?}) fan who says he saw the towers turn to dust with his own eyes and Allegedly Dave says he saw the planes from his office in New Jersey.

Knowing all this we must now of course take everything these researchers say with a very large grain of salt.

Jeranism also believes that the towers may have been destroyed so they could erect an antenna on a much higher new building to help simulate satellites.

Clearly the majority position of this gang is well into lala land concerning 9/11.

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7 thoughts on “Globe bustin’ on 911”

  1. Now we have Young Cunts, trying to spin us old Cunts into Crazy, Fakeologists hold your nerve, stay the course…Its all Good!!!

  2. By sheer coïncidence I saw “9/11” happen on TV (The Netherlands) . The way those aeroplanes flew and the turn they made, I knew here is something very strange going on. This is absolute impossible. After 1/2 an hour Herr Kissinger started shouting: those terrorists, those bloody fucking terrorists ( oh sorry, he did not say those bl..dy f…..g terrorists) . I started thinking: how do you know? I knew it was a farce. But what really happened I came to know a couple of month’s ago via Sept. Clues forum and here. Thank you very much. Listened to much to J. Fetzer too!!!

    1. @rgos
      Thanks to those “damned flat earth pushers” , it started for me the rethinking of the “earth model” . The “bal earth”model is finished. for me. How the reality looks like, I don’t know to, but Iam very happy that I got to see the other side(s) of the coin.

  3. I haven’t heard this yet and still I am going to comment. 😉

    I don’t expect everyone to know everything, however it does unfortunately gum up the (credibility) works if one hasn’t invested enough time and effort, as well as exercised discernment to speak knowledgeably about a topic.

    I am fine with people sharing theories on their understanding of something in that moment, but would like for them to make clear it’s THEORY, otherwise for many listeners it’s “baby out with the bathwater”.

    If people would limit their comments in areas that haven’t fully researched or considered it would be much better for all of us.

    Now again, we are left to decide, is Jeran, in particular, (David W just has less than ZERO to offer, in my opinion) friend (duped by 911 shills) or foe (trying to derail and discredit)?

    I think a fair number of well-meaning people only have so much time and adopt the explanations of those who appear honest, but are really quite calculating. I did that with Judy Wood.

    In closing. I just finished listening to Mark Sargent’s latest interview with a naval seaman. For those of you craving scientific explanations thru actual experiments, it was fascinating. I will re-listen when I can give it more of my undivided attention.

    Until I’m convinced otherwise, the earth is still not globular, nor is it flat. I’m in limbo and ok with that.

    1. I’m in limbo too. It’s when they are still unclear AFTER watching September Clues and promoting Judy Wood that I worry about. I still enjoy their ball skepticism though.

  4. So David Weiss has “all the videos and information relating to no planes” on his Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole site. Except September Clues…er?

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