Flat Earth the pejorative

Flat Earth googling is popular, but not for the reasons media fakeologists would like to think. It appears that it is a phrase that is being used to attack those that don’t buy the artificially created consensus that global warming is a man made phenomenon, as opposed to a recent upsurge in critical thinkers and anti-NASA researchers.

The good news is maybe some of searches will land on actual critical thinkers’ websites. Eric Dubay’s is on page 5 of google search for “flat earth”, fakeologist doesn’t show up at all.

Still, it’s an interesting concept that coupled with the helio/geo debate, is worthy of inquiry. Like media fakery, it’s a tough sell for the average person to even grasp.

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Source: Google Trends – YouTube Search interest: flat earth – Worldwide, Jan 2008 – Apr 2015

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