Flat-tery that requires input

From Jeff:

Hey love your show. I do think Mark Sargent is a dis info agent. Company went broke…needed money..I dont know…Anyway enjoyed your interview with him. One Question no one is asking…what are your thoughts? The bermuda triangle is near the antartic right…There is also a similar place planes go disappearing and other strange events near Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, Bells Island,  etc..the Artic Circle Area…its called the Devils Triangle…just as dangerous and strange..but not talked about much…..My question…Pilots who fly this area often complain their guidance or instrument panels are going haywire and all the landmarks and compass readings give wrong readings or data guidance go haywire…then they blip off the radar screens and never heard from again?..? Did they just disappear, my feeling is most wrecked, sunk or went down? Captains of ships in these two areas often experience problems with navigation and sometimes just as the same as pilots or Airplanes crash or disappear off radar? As Eric Dubai who I trust the most of the flat earth investigators claims just one single pole the “Antartic” where there is a no fly zone and its off limits to most of the general public. If there is just one pole and the land body mass is surrounded by ice barriers..? All these navigators in these regions would have to be confused especially before Military GPS guidance systems kicked in. Now, I can see why older expeditions Captain Cook would just sail around this ice cap barrier in circles…lost…Also is this why so many ships, planes, people  and other weird anomolies are occurring at these two bermuda type triangles near the poles or pole? It would explain why on-board guidance systems would read or give incorrect directions… Magnetic disturbances…The one pole “antartic theory” would explain these  all these strange unanswered anomalies.
Pilots thinking that their flying near the artic would actually be at the bottom of the world…the Antartic or  and be totally lost… Especially if their are looking for visual landmarks or clues…and expecting to see certain land masses or Islands..?
If you have Eric Dubai or another guest..I wonder if you might ask or maybe you might already somewhat understand my question..? About the the two bermuda triangle mystery..because the flat earth woulfd be the most obvious explanation…I would think..yet I havent ever heard that this might be behind the triangles magnetic effect and anomalies…The other triangle being called the “Devils Triangle” near Alaska, Nova Scotia,  Canada provinces and related areas…just asking your thoughts on the subject…I know most airplane and ships going missing was an occurrence that mostly dates back around the WWI and WWII time frames…before better Navy radar and guidance systems went into effect…for ex. Qir traffic control.
I’ve also heard of this underwater huge pyramid discovered near the Antartic…Linda Moulten Howell..Whitley Striber disinfo probably…but there are eye witness accounts.??  However Pyramids seem to bea discovered and popping up all over the world now…underwater pnes especially.Just speculating but maybe these pyramids did act as some ancient power source who knows…fun to think about..anyway thanks again…enjoy the website Ab. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for getting at the truth and exposing these hoaxers…The Main Stream Media…is the NWO’S #1  source for spreading the bullshit  propaganda and certainly the most powerful tool to keep the earths masses in constant fear and distraction. That you have explained better than anyone out there. Thanks

I always thought that the Bermuda triangle was, uh, near Bermuda? That’s another media phenomenon that went away. Did GPS solve those lost planes and solve the navi-puzzle?

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6 years ago

Hey Eric, do you have any resources for all these claims you are making?

Mostly, though, I only really care about the name, state and county of Mark Sargent’s company that went broke.