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    1. Pray, where is the smirk moment? Everything I saw was cringeworth , I’m afraid. ( Full Disclosure – I was unable sit through it all)

  1. Is that Eric Dubay?! He looks so different (and sounds different)- Probably in the early stages of animal protein deficiency. passing through the nirvana high stage. That’s fun, for him.. . Give him some meat. Levity is good though … takes practice/mixed with more reckless abandonment?! Or good writers!!

    1. Blackdog, I look pretty similar to be honest and i eat plenty of meat.

      he just looks naturally skinny to me.

      also i tried watching it again, and no matter how cringe, the man has a point (he relentlessly hammers on it for too long, but still)

      He does realy sum up Mark and his “phew thats easy thing”.

      That being said i still cant shake the things ive heard about them all (Eric included) being masons.

      Is there a way to check these things? google alone wont give me much.

      It certainly seems to fit the thesis/antithesis/synthesis model.

      The question im pondering right now though is what this mean for the actual info they give.

      Almost everything ball related really makes no sense.

      But i guess thats the schills way, mixing truth and untruth to such a degree its hard to tell whats what.


  2. Perhaps Eric is auditioning for a different type of acting roll, other than the one he is currently engaged in. A move up the cointelpro acting ladder, if you will. Don’t worry Kaitlyn Jenner, your job is safe.

  3. This whole drama surrounding these personas makes me SICK.
    ‘Eric, you’re not my buddy, Dubay’ (thought of southpark, think of the echo and you can switch the d and b)
    ‘Patricia, better STEER clear of me, Steere’
    ‘Mark , i make it seem i have military rank, Sergeant’ (not so good one..)

    So far the only one who made sense to me was John Le Bon.
    Because he can ‘Steere’ clear of the DRAMA.
    The flath earth thing has hit me in some way but all this drama makes it……

    Glad Ab also has the ability to avoid drama.
    Besides mentioning this i guess this website won’t go further into the drama.

  4. After listening to other cointelpro audios where the people are taking offense to this video, it is now clear that this is one of those attempts to start one of those conspired argument to add fake drama to the whole show.

    1. @ Khammad

      Khammad, what are you doing? You told us not to listen to those audios and you, you listen to them !!! Pfui, pfui, lost my trust in you, I tell you.

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