Start refuting Eric’s points

I’m still hoping some of the most ardent opponents of flat earth theory will start picking apart Eric’s 200 points. With this long interview, Eric spends too much time for me being sure that the Joos are running everything (not even a sprinkle of SMOM?). He also adds a dash of Joody Woods to increase the stink, but what of his other reasonable arguments against the ball? We can attack the person all we want, and the alleged feud with everything-is-possible (like Fetzer) Mark Sargent, but let’s get to refuting Eric’s calmly spoken points on why he disbelieves the earth is a sphere, a pear, or whatever NASA’s latest claims are.


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Potato Steereing us into the Woods

I don’t mind saying that it’s starting to look like Simon is right with his discredit by association theory.

Here we have sultry smooth talker interviewing an otherwise intelligent engineer, while referencing Simon Shack and the forum, describing them as a limited hang out. Intelligent engineer then goes on to say how impressed he is with Judy Wood’s assessment of how the World Trade Center was taken down with not a word of discussion on media fakery.

Now we have Matrix Decoded, Brian the engineer, and David Weiss all firmly in the Judy Woods camp while promoting the flat earth.

Is this all a program to marginalize and help bury media fakery and September Clues? If so, it’s quite the subtle yet expanding operation.

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