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  1. FYI- REGARDING ROCKETS NOT WORKING in SPACE: (Industry Insider Shill warning)
    “Bill Vietinghoff played an important but unseen role in America’s space program: testing rocket engines that propelled Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and shuttle astronauts into orbit.
    Nearly 60 years later and now in retirement, Vietinghoff is helping make the unique history of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory come alive for visitors to the Southern California site, which is undergoing cleanup by Boeing and others for soil and groundwater contamination.”


    The Interceptor Program: The Motion Picture That Reveals America’s Aerospace Industry at Its Finest Paperback – November 5, 2014




    “FERRY: This is recording. This is Joy FERRY; I am with Lori Manes, interviewing Bill Vietinghoff. It is May 7th, 2015, at about 11:06 a.m. And Bill, you are okay with this being recorded, right?
    VIETINGHOFF: Yes, I am. I’m in total agreement.
    FERRY: Okay. Yes, so we are here to ask you some questions about the NASA SSFL laboratory, the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. So let’s just kind of start at the beginning with your pre- NASA experience and kind of get a little info from you on how you got involved in all of this in the first place.
    VIETINGHOFF: All right. I’ll start by talking about what I did before I got involved with any NASA programs.
    FERRY: Yes.
    VIETINGHOFF: I hired in at Santa Susana in July of 1953. At that time it was owned by North American Aviation. It was called the Aerophysics Laboratory. Later in 1955, the Rocketdyne Division was formed, and it became more well-known as the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. Sometimes it’s been called the Propulsion Field Laboratory…”


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