Flat Earth End Game

Is FE a smokescreen for an imploding Europe event? Are we North Americans so out of touch with the purported migrant crisis in Europe that we can’t see this train coming?

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4 thoughts on “Flat Earth End Game”

  1. As i said in the audio, there is obviously an agenda to the immigration, but i don’t think “white extermination” is one.
    In my view, its just to bring scandinavia (and the other rich countries in the EU) down to a lower standard of living than we were used to (and they have already succeeded at that, and we are spiraling deeper every year), overloading our once great social services with rampant immigration.

    We are being bled dry of money, so we are ripe for takeover/ some wierd international “aid” or agreement down the line, would be my guess.

    Calling it extermination of “whites” is just playing into obvious racebaiting, and i’m sure “they” would like nothing more than a race war aswell to top off this entire thing.

    I also don’t belive flat earth will ever go mainstream to that level, or that NASA will get thrown under the bus.

    In my view NASA is already pulling out, as SpaceX and virgin take over (same people but the general public doesn’t know that) and will most likely get away with theire crimes as they fade into obscurity over the next 20 years, with “private” space being the next big thing, and they are as we all know not accountable to anyone.

    My toughts


  2. The Jan. 25th episode of this podcast concerns the refugee crisis-This is Joe Atwill’s podcast, with Jerry Russell, a guy who once worked for some tangent of NASA- They talk an interesting game for two guys that were once connected to big tech- Atwill thinks Europe will be turned into gladitorial pits- That false flags and hoaxes designed to fan the racist flames are being planted in German MSM- They give media fakery some consideration, though they are not completely on board with everything- postflaviana.org/podcasts/

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