Let’s have the eye in the sky

Forget guessing the shape of the earth –  tell your leaders you want a real 24/7 satellite webcam now.

Tell them we won’t stand for ISS fake footage either.

Oh and Tal, I’ll stop looking at this nasa earth stuff when I’m tired of it.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s have the eye in the sky”

  1. @Ab and Tal, and I shall quite viddying flat earth videos when someone can adequately explain to me how I was able to stand on the shoreline of Indiana Dunes State park and personally see the Chicago skyline 50 miles away across open water, when it is averred to be 1,473 feet below the horizon according to earth curvature calculators.

    eye height=6 ft
    target distance=50 miles




    Thus far, no one walking on the face of the earth has provided me with a satisfactory explanation.

    1. For those unfamiliar with why you do not see the bottom of tall buildings but only the upper part, it’s due to perspective and limitations of the human eye. We cannot see what is below the convergence point (vanishing point), only above or below:

      I know you already did, Zalian, but for the benefit of other readers, since you have academic knowledge in drawing arts and actually work with perspective and drawing, can you again comment on the validity of this effect? Just to make sure the information is as accurate and objective as possible.

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