Purr-sian truth

A lovely voice from one of the world’s most advanced (and demonized people) – the Persians. I understand they don’t like to be called Iranians (given to them by the Anglo American empire – who else?).

h/t Patricia Steere of FEOHP

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2 thoughts on “Purr-sian truth”

  1. I am following this woman quite a while and I have to say I love her to the pieces. Her take on the severals things, defends the animals etc. Although I don’t accept everything she states. The religions as we know are not that old., a couple of hundred of years. The collective stupidity is forced upon us via the several schoolsystems, religions, newsmedia, movieindustrie etc. It is a day and nightbrainwashing. Add to it the quality of the food. What do the most people eat: an overdosis empty carbohydrates in the form of white flour and white flour products ( contains no fat-soluble vitamins, A,E,D, etc) , overdosis meat products the same ( no fat soluble vit.) add to it once a product is heated one get’s a denatured proteine, which one’s body cann’t do much with it. So the body will starting to take the necessary nutrients out of its own body ( = mesotrophie-process, prof Kollath). Then the food additions, vaccinations ( immume-system don’t exist = a laboratorium invention). So the list containues. We are deliberately dumbed down and “they” will try with all means to keep us dumbed down. It is a very tough and hard process for coming out of that situation. Here ( in Holland) most peoples live in relative luxury and they simply cann’t imagine themselves that the whole bloody lot is fooled from the top the bottom, with some exceptions.
    A few are wakening up, but it is still to little and the ones who are wakening up are shut down. Steady but slowly the government is tightening the rope. Alas most people don’t even notice it anymore. Dumbed down from the top to the bottom, complete brainwashed, 100% denatured, 100% false matrix which is forced upon us by design. A couple af generations ago with sheer violence, now the soft method in combination with violence. It looks indeed very dark, but women like Marmar Queen and others who are stepping forward, give some hope. As we used to say in Holland: Hoop doet leven.


    Thank you so much for putting this vid. up. Hope you will do an interview with her.


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