Flight problem and flying photographer

John asks, as a ball earth skeptic, about how this mega flight can work on a flat earth model.

The point of being a ball earth skeptic is that we don’t believe the official story. Finding a good alternative is not easy, as John is willing to prove.

The profiled prolific photographer is suspicious to say the least, and a deceiver at the most.

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5 thoughts on “Flight problem and flying photographer”

    1. Interesting channel, that Odiupicku, Tom. Another upload was on Antarctica:

      where the discussion was enlivened by one of those humorless so-called Skeptics and adherents of Scientism who adduced in support of the received view of Antarctica several palpably fake pieces of evidence, namely the improbable solo crossings of the continent and the highly suspect Vendee yacht race.
      The youtuber is grahvis whose faves led me to the Armoured Skeptic [how they love each other these “skeptics”, and think they are so intelligent] who has been so upset by Jon Le Bon and others to rush out this video:

      Especially intersting to of the Paris event as a drill has upset the Skeptic/Scientism community..
      me is the section after 16.24 concerning fake NASA deaths. There follows a supreme example of gatekeeping by “Armoured Skeptic”
      Note how Peekay’s expose of the Paris event as a drill has upset the Scientism/Skepticism community
      Makes you think.

  1. Although a little bit off topic, once I had make a flight from Amsterdam to Singapore. We had a refuellingsstop in Taskent ( Russia) of all places. At that time it did not make much sense to me as I did believe in a ball model. On a FE model it makes more sense. Just saying.

    Think to, Unreal is 100% correct in his statement. ( Chat Ab- Unreal, Paris hoax and message directed to Khammad in the reply section)

  2. Flat Earth inhabitants should also explain why, in southern Argentina, a compass needle that points to the South Magnetic Pole (located off the coast of Antarctica near Australia) will point south – i.e. toward Antarctica.

    Such behavior by a compass of course makes perfect sense on (spherical) Earth, where the shortest path from southern Argentina to the magnetic pole near Australia goes across Antarctica – but how does it make any sense on Flat Earth, where the shortest path leads a very different direction?

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