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  1. Me: can not get through this gooblygook, why is it these people who can prove the “official story” about our astronomical reality(ies) (or anything), can never do so in simple language and thought. If someone is proving our relevance to the sun by shadows(!) simple shadows … you’d think that could be summed up and related to in simple, to the point, terms … Its all real simple for me … I’m still waiting to see the curve of this supposed ball we’re all living on. Then … if, then … And how? I don’t know … A TRUSTED source? … Well if I could trust a source to give us a view of the curve!! Then, and only then, can we, they, or I calculate…

    Other than that … when is some rich a**hole going to break ranks and give us an assessment of, say, Antarctica!!!!!? (AND again! If some rich * did – how the hell are we going to get the news? Oh!, an internet search? “rich a**hole explores Antarctica”. … Say, Richard Branson took the task … SEE, therein lies the problem, who the hell can you trust!!? What rich ******* can we trust? ANSWER: none! So assume the earth is flat and basically everything else is a total mind f*** … exploiting us from cradle to the grave. Oh, and tell your friends and neighbors.

    1. Here we go ….a new trans-Antarctic solo traverse, starting now; 36 years in the Army.

      Not rich, but he has royal backing

      The Duke of Cambridge has become Patron of polar traveller Henry Worsley’s third Antarctic expedition, attempting to undertake Sir Ernest Shackleton’s unfinished journey to the South Pole from the Weddell Sea.


      1. Xile:

        This link did not go through on my end!! the page/link failed to open for some reason:


        Next link “A Historic Journey with Royal Backing supports the Endeavour Fund Monday 26 Jan, 2015”:


        I guess we’ll see what becomes of this (that) ‘journey’. of course, as I mentioned … who can you trust? … no doubt we won’t be able to trust ‘the royals’ here …

        The article, as well is nothing much more than the usual rhetoric. I personally have not commited to web search what there may currently be available on the Antarctica … At this point I can barely spell it!

        Anyway, the Antarctica mysteries … seem as dead in the water at this point as someone ‘unincorporated’ getting a balloon or a rocket high enough to see anything … The only one I seen, so far, attempting a thorough go at it is Youtuber Mr Thrive and Survive … which I have not checked back to see what progress he may be having (it’s on my to-do list though).

        Which brings to mind how important this all is, or should be. That if someone can prove undoubtedly that we have been lied to about even the dimensions of our very own earth? … Well then the average person should make the connection – that they need to stop trusting the official stories and start rooting these maniacal lying dictators out!

        The first step to not being exploited is to realize you’re being exploited!

        I know, it’s big, and it probably will never happen. I know I’m a dreamer but that doesn’t mean people can’t at the least be woken up, at least be aware of what’s going on … of the new king and pawns at play here! Not to mention. rooks, knights, and bishops.

        I believe in goodness and the people in control obviously do not! They are cowardice and spineless and no doubt every evil you can imagine – They’re out for themselves! And it’s no doubt an old game that they’ve just gotten much craftier at as everyone else has gotten much dumber of.

        There is a battle between good and evil, there has always been a battle between good and evil, and there will always be a battle between good and evil. Grab your sword (computer?) and fight!

      2. Okay, article link worked second time; this one:

        “Antarctic solo traverse: Henry Worsley talks from Punta Arenas”

        I found it ridiculous as well, centering on the ego and status of the solo explorer and boring details of equipment used and such … the glory, the heroism or whatever, like a cartoon, unreal, BS, nothing in regards to Antarctica in and of itself. Whatever Antarctica is you would think they would be taking it more serious and with the technology now there should be videos, documentaries!

        I did watch a Jacque Cousteau (spelling?) documentary recently (I got from my library) from the 70’s that at least had a substantial amount of footage, I assume was from Antarctica, but they did not venture much inland. And they had a mishap where one of the members was actually killed, helicopter related I think? Maybe he tried to go inland too far and got shot out of the sky??

        1. Thanks for the gee-up, Black Dog. Here is the latest check in for Henry [and Tom will surely love the connection….]

          David Beckham has flown in with him to play football in Antarctica! I now have an idea for a non-stop football dribble across the 7th continent.

          You’re right, there is a battle between good and evil going on. But no good person in any position of power or respect or authority will survive without nailing their colors to the evil mast or at least not questioning the world order direction of travel. The big question is who is/are driving/herding us towards the evil pole. Most people are good, but get swept along in the flow and don’t get round to studying what the media is feeding them.

          1. “Evil pole” I like that one, figuratively of course, or could it be literally? The “south pole”, that we are being ‘herded’ towards ?? Or in between? Not too close to either ‘pole’? Sorry, rambling there, although it does seem both ‘poles’ are remote and off-limits (?) I wonder, is the north pole as guarded as the Antarctica and it’s alleged south pole?

            Yes, what a bit of fluff, the Beckham diversion/”story” “news” piece there. Giving Antarctica “news” yet, as mainstream media does everywhere now I guess, appearing to give the news yet in actuality not giving much of anything; But rather trivia and celebrity worship. BS. misdirection.

            As well, they may touch on something thought provoking but pass through it so quickly, in a melee of other stories, your mind is blankened only to be left with what ever trivial thoughts they conclude with. Weakened by the shear power they employ over our already overtaxed minds. Boom, boom, boom, heres a commercial! Oh to have such power. What a one two punch … manipulating everyone’s consciousness, while at the same time selling millons of dollars of advertisements … also manipulating everyone’s consciousness!

    2. Black Dog… it’s not much, but i suspect that you, like myself and a very few others, are able to get by on fumes anyhow… but i appreciate your insights… and so far, i agree with all of them. Ever get the feeling you are banging your head on a brick wall here? Deliberately so. This one won’t admit the earth is flat… that one refuses to see the jews are in control… the other one insists that the bible god is legitimate… on on and on… they all got their sacred cows to protect no matter how ridiculous it makes them look. It keeps it simple, the only thing they can’t allow is any of us to reach a consensus on any one thing. That’s the game. All they have to do is keep throwing a wrench into the works… and it works. You can argue till you’re blue in the face… and that’s the point of it.

      We’ve got to figure a work around for this situation.

      1. Thanks Wanda, yeah a real true ‘righteous’ consensus has got to be the biggest fear of the elites. That’s why leaders are assassinated and every single organization is infiltrated, subverted and outright taken over! That includes all religions! Governments … all of it, everything. It is war, make no mistake, and with ‘who knows what’ kind of technology THEY now have at their disposal and what is possible with it? … The wireless technology (not to mention, CONtrails and the absolute control they have of our food and water production) is what worries me. It is getting to the point of choosing between zombie-like submission or heading to the hills! Out of wireless range … living off of grasshoppers, taking shelter in a cave. Looking to start a tribe.

        BTW if people followed the jews they’d be better off! The ones back in the year zero that is, the ones who started the christian movement before it was infiltrated by the Roman empire, the real ones.

        Also, if Amercans followed their U.S. Constitution, we’d all be better off … the government would never have been allowed to get this big and corrupt. It would NOT have been allowed! People would have risen up (with arms!) and stopped it right away! That’s what “right to bear arms” was written for! But infiltration had already been well established circa 1900 (or whenever it should have been done), and the truth and the ‘hearts and minds’ of the people has since been well undermined! If Thomas Jefferson suddenly materialized he’d get kicked out of congress in these politically ignorant times … probably ending up a homeless wanderer mumbling incoherrently to himself.

        The U.S. could truly be a place of freedom and even escape for oppressed peoples of the world. If the people of the United States weren’t so clueless and negligent. Allowing themselves and their children (and the world) to be so systematically dumbed down to the point they don’t even realize the slavery they are being put under.

        Read: All Wars Are Banker Wars (at whatreallyhappened.com): whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/allwarsarebankerwars.php#axzz3r9EqcRDZ

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