4 thoughts on “Latest in space fakery?”

  1. Haha this is easily debunked as cgi bullshit. You can apply the same debunking logic to all the ‘stunning’ globe shots taken by NASA’s flagship tin foil raison d’être ISS. Simply go to any decent plane tracker site and look to see how many con-trails there should be at any one time gradually dissipating over that part of ‘the earth’ they are filming. You never see any. Here’s a typical screen grab from a plane tracking site showing how many planes there should be up in the sky across the US. I never knew these party balloon agencies had the power to ground all other air travel for the duration of their experiments.

    1. Hehe it does look absolutely immaculate. The desert being a suitably nondescript terrain to fake, perhaps.
      I’d read your ISS/vapour trail theory before Ramsomovitch and my only question with it was, could we expect to see individual vapour trails from 400 km up ?

      Here with this balloon, though, at only 100,000 feet and less, and with a clear sky, it would seem much more likely we might see something.

      Do they need to fake it though. Maybe they can just present it in a certain way ?

      What got me with it was the way the camera on the swinging balloon presented us with a distorting horizon. One moment curved and then flat. ‘Pulsing’ with the motion of the camera.
      This ‘curved-then-flat’ effect happens right from the start when the balloon is just above ground .

      I’m sure this is a known effect of some kind of fish-eye lens, or something, of course, but….why?
      This video was put together so efficiently in many ways, why did they use a lens that created this effect ?
      It’s a genuine question. I don’t know about these things, maybe all cameras have that effect when they wobble ?

      However this occurs, , by presenting it like this, it does of course conveniently suggest a round earth, without being directly deceitful.

      This (perhaps) quite pleasing to look at viral video, then has, as it’s end piece ( quite absurdly ) slow fade-in shots over single frames of film where the Earth is seen as distorted in a curve.

      mmm and this one’s ‘viral’ yeh ?

  2. its not the individual vapour trails that we might not see, its the hundreds of contrails at a time we should surely see, plus nil satellite presence? On many nasa ‘flybys’ we see cloud formations at the same height? So, why not con trails? It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s all bullshit. haha. Im so glad I’ve been liberated from the ball earth paradigm!

  3. And also, nasa always completely cocks up in the cgi dept because the animators always present such clear imagery, when the real life high altitude non-fish-eye lens weather balloons always show us that lovely, God-ordained mantle of haze above the earth- a haze that would obscure activity below. at least thats my viewing experience to date

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