3 thoughts on “More flat earth voices”

  1. She’s about as real as Betsy McGee. Attractive women who are normal are simply not into conspiracy – why would they risk their careers and relationships? Mis-Steer. And she’s from Texas…do I need to quote Full Metal Jacket?

  2. Why do the people in these flat earth videos keep encouraging listeners to go out and promote flat earth, talk about it with relatives, and bring it up in public? These people act like they are all brave and that they promote flat earth and you should too.

    I am only 30 minutes through the video and this is the 3rd time I have been encouraged to go and tell people the earth is flat.

    Seems like these people in the video try real hard to get listeners to embarrass themselves in public. Why else would Mark Sargent encourage others by using these words: “Try to do what I do, say that everything mainstream, everything that is agreed upon is a lie, that is what’s difficult”

    Dude, no, that is not difficult. That sets you up for failure. When we truther people tell non truther people that ‘everything agreed upon is a lie’ we sound like nutters. Clearly some agreed upon truths are true. When we proclaim the earth is flat, then we sound ignorant. Good advice from KHam: if you must (but try really hard not to) talk with others about fakery , avoid generalizations, be specific and then use your most compelling example. Bad advice from Mark Sargent: go out and start telling people the earth is flat.

    Why would Mark Sargent want you to talk about flat earth in public and then possible discredit yourself?

    Oh that’s right, if Mark Sargent is part of the DBA (Discredit By Association) campaign, this is exactly what one would expect him to do: To try and get you to look bad in front of people whose opinions you care about so that they will ignore you on the truly important issues.

  3. Here’s JK, a flat earther who dislikes MissSteere intensely as she just talks anout herself and does no experiments. He has the same complaint about Mark S.. He has come up with an observational experiment to test the reality of a flat earth mathematically. It seems quite simple, really. He intends to test it soon. watch this space!

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