Deep Thoughts Ep 183: The Flat Earth Dilemma

The podcaster with birds chirping in the background asks some good questions. 

The debate of Flat Earth continues to heat up. The faux scientists like Bill Nye and Neal DeGrasse Tyson are unable to unseat the claims that the world isn’t round. The Flat Earthers continue to not only gain empirical evidence, but expose the fake space agencies along the way. In this episode, we look at those who lack the courage to think, and extend the average Flat Earth theories beyond just proving it’s not a globe. Enjoy.

* Duration: 1:34h, Played: 25:31

* Published: 2017-03-05 8:05:50 PM

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Joe Rogan is unlistenable. 

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Deep Thoughts Ep 177: The Flat Earth Simulator

Deep seems to believe in the flat earth model. 

There are two factions fighting for the Truth. One, a five hundred year old loosely informed group of parrots, and two, a passionate group of explorers who have the courage to challenge paradigms of modern science. In this episode, we examine some of the conflicting evidence on both sides. We study the notion that if someone built a firmament over our heads, would we be able to discover its existence? Enjoy.

* Duration: 1:15h, Played: 19:48

* Published: 2017-02-20 8:02:08 PM

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Helping or hindering flat earthery? 

John Le Bon. Who else talks more about flat earth drama whilst complaining about it?  The question you must ask yourself is is John contributing to the exposure of this flat earth media operation or is he just adding a layer of intrigue and piling on? I don’t know the answer, but this is definitely a good example of cognitive dissonance.

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First Hampstead, now ForcaChape?

I like Jeran, but he’s either really wrong here again or he is sent to mislead.

Here’s cluesforum’s thread:

Well jeranism you have just proved 100% yourself to be a PAID SHILL … I see there technique now, looking what’s trending ie FE then set up puppet’s like you to get a good Sub count then dump there crap on us like the Hampstead kid’s bullsiht  and this FAKE CRAP …. Thanks for opening our eyes ..

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