First Hampstead, now ForcaChape?

I like Jeran, but he’s either really wrong here again or he is sent to mislead.

Here’s cluesforum’s thread:

Well jeranism you have just proved 100% yourself to be a PAID SHILL … I see there technique now, looking what’s trending ie FE then set up puppet’s like you to get a good Sub count then dump there crap on us like the Hampstead kid’s bullsiht  and this FAKE CRAP …. Thanks for opening our eyes ..

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Rick DeLano – Jesuit propagandist?

CCR 110: The Geocentric Principle with Rick DeLano

Good podcast featuring a guest who says flat earth is a psyop made especially for his geocentric movie back in the fall of 2014.

So which is it? I tend to think this geocentrist, who believes in satellites and other hoaxes, is actually trying to obscure any flat earth potential truths.

ARE YOU AND I INSIGNIFICANT PRODUCTS OF TIME + MATTER + CHANCE IN THIS EVER EXPANDING UNIVERSE? Are we just meaningless flesh bags in a world that cares not about human purpose or destiny? Is the future miserable? Or are these ideas a product of bad theories built on faulty premises that ignore the raw data we have about the universe? I

* Duration: 1:55h, Played: 1:36h

* Published: 2016-09-02 1:11:05 PM

* Episode Download Link (54 MB):

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* Episode Feed: Canary Cry Radio –

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