One thought on “Flat Earth malarkey”

  1. Well, it does seem that according to the FE model, you should be able to zoom in on the setting sun just like that red boat or the Chicago skyline, and make it reappear.

    There are some explanations of perspective (that I don’t completely understand) that have objects melting into the horizon at large distances, but it seems to me that you still should be able to make the disappearing sun reappear with a telescope, which I doubt is possible.

    There is this video:

    which *might* show a sun changing sizes….any change in the sun’s angular diameter is noteworthy….but it is hard to tell in this video if the changes are atmospheric or due to some kind of lens distortion.

    Why doesn’t someone at the Northern latitudes do this same video with a filter that allows us to see the exact circle of the sun as it moves about the sky? Does anyone know if such a video exists?

    Also, it seems like I saw a better video than this one that seemed to show more of a change in the angular diameter of the sun. I would be interested in that too, if anyone has a better video.

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